Monday, January 24, 2011

Stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke

Yeah okay I know I swore I wouldn't do an elective this time and I was pretty adamant about it the whole  past month but I was left with no better option last week when our vacations got extended for almost three weeks (unexpectedly) Woohoo !! but oh wait that news brought some alarming change of plans and uncertainities.

1 - If the vacations get extended our next exams might just get a little postponed too, so that means I would probably not get vacations in the right time of summer to meet my relatives and that meant urgent shift in travel plans. (sounds complicated right ?)

2 - Sitting at home for a month did not sound so bad but sitting back for around 2 months seemed like such a wastage of time.

3 - I automatically know I've had enough of domesticities when I start getting into disagreements with people at home. It means its time to step out.

So keeping reason number 2 and 3 in mind I decided it would do me good if I did something productive and made use of my time. And so with an entire team of friends I filled up a form, paid the fee and officially started the elective.Most of my friends opted for cardiology but Huz and I chose the neurology dept.Neurology has been like THE most fascinating subject for me since O'levels ( I was 15 then), I'd watch videos, google stuff and sneak into my dad's books for everything that would reveal a little more about the brain. I did an elective at Civil Hospital last year and the neuro patients there were really interesting and diverse, the doc was an overexcited individual too who'd teach with full passion and zeal but things at this hospital are different. This hospital caters to the middle and upper middle class unlike Civil hospital which caters mostly to the lower class ( Its a public sector hospital with no consultation fee etc) so obviously the kind of patients are different and and the presenting complaints are different too. 80% of the patients here are stroke patients and so that gets kind of monotonous and I've begun to lose interest it seems.

Its such a dilemma to be in love with something for over 6 years and then suddenly realise it might not be all what it seemed. I'm doubting my choice. I love neurology, I love reading about all its related diseases but the interesting cases are so far and few apart in clinical practice...The only good thing is that I'm not the only one feeling the same way. Huz who's also doing his elective with me in neuro has been complaining about the same thing lately. I hope this elective leaves me with opportunities and learning instead of doubts and dilemmas !

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  1. Hey there! =]

    2 months holidays? You did the right thing, you would have gotten bored to death. How about taking a break from neuro? Do something else for a while? Hope you get what you want =]

  2. Haina? Thats what I'm thinking, I'm going on a vacation this week, I'll forget about it all and then start afresh :) Thanks :)