Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm flying !

A looot of things have happened recently, From being chased down the street by a goose to sleeping 2.5 hours in 28hours !!... My exams ended yesterday, with the ophthalmology grand finale ! I dont exactly hate ophthalmology but I'm not a huge fan of it either. Its theoretical exam at the start of this month was okay but I was totally dreading the clinical exam, yesterday. The adrenaline in my system kept me awake all night before the exam day and thats how I ended with just 2.5 hours of sleep in 28 hours. But thank God the exam went fairly well and one of the examiners even mentioned that I would make a good ophthalmologist and I should really consider it as a field of speciality. For a second my reaction was " wow ! does he really mean me ?? Is he out of his mind !" :D

Today my friends and I went to watch Harry Potter.. It was epic ! It felt good and sad at the same time that something that was such a phenomenal part of my childhood/teens came to an end. It would've been cool if J.K Rowling continued the series again but I think that would just make the whole 'Harry Potter' thing lose its charm.

And as for me being chased down the street by a goose. Yes, that was hilarious, but I wont be giving you the opportunity to laugh over me this time.. So, that's me signing off :)

P.S - The goose story is yet to come. Keep visiting !

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey there readers, yes, I'm alive :) In case my unusually long absence from the blogging world worried anyone about me being abducted by aliens, falling down the gutter, or getting locked up in the bathroom of my own home without a cell phone or anyone to call for help ! ( I know thats a NOT Im hearing :D ).

 So anyways I was just busy with lots of stuff and had more than enough on plate to find time to blog, but here I am now, and what do I have for you today ?? An entire list of biographies of people from the medical world and related to it..I havent really read any of them and but I'm sure they're interesting. I'd like to get my hands on a a few. Has any of my readers read any of them ??

Here's the link -