Friday, November 19, 2010


So its Eid ul Azha, this eid is different from the previous Eid ( Eid ul Fitr) because it follows Hajj, the annual congregation of muslims at Makkah while the previous Eid follows Ramadan, the month of fasting, I wont be doing a long detailed post since I have to rush for my study session. But hey I didnt forget that my followers, especially Jana would love to see the dress :) So well the dress I wore is once again all designed by me, I bought the fabric, and then found the perfect lace and ribbons to go with it, I had the lace stitched under the neck line and on my sleeves while the ribbons (black and white) on the lower edge of the dress. The shirt has been tailored A-line, as in it looks like a frock and has no slits on the side like the usual shalwaar kameez shirts. I bought the scarf from a scarf shop near my home and the trouser from another shop altogether so this dress has pretty much been together piece by piece :)  I absolutely love the bangle, it matches the dress, has a pretty ethnic look and its not even expensive !! I got it for Rs 150 ! Thats a little less than $ 2 .00..

I hope all of you had a brilliant Eid :) and since I didnt say this before I'm gonna say it now ' Eid Mubarak' everyone !

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The PIDC blast

" IT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME !! I was in my room, studying in pin drop silence when suddenly the windows and door shook with such a violent noise that I thought that it was just down the road. I turned on the TV and then realised that it was a safe distance away "

Thats what Messi texted me back when I asked her if she was ok after I heard the news of the bomb blast near the PIDC building. Yeah, some stupid terrorists got bored and thought hey lets just go around on a blowing up spree !! Dont they have a heart ? Arent they humans ? Dont they feel anything !! The blasts killed 17 innocent people and injured many more.17 seems a statistic when its discussed in the media but those 17 lives were a part of the lives of so many other people which got shattered in an instant. Someone lost a father, someone lost a bread winner and so on, and even though life goes on, the impact remains....

I hope God gives enough brains to the terrorists to make them realise the depth of their acts, the heart to feel what horror they create and the conscience to repent their sins..

PS- The blast was so intense that it was heard till miles away. Messi lives 10 km away from the site !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Die Pharma die - ( The most common fb status update among my college fellows these days)

So I finally got some time to post in between ! weee ! Sitting on my laptop for the little while I spend eating my breakfast seems such a blessing after all the time I spend crammed up in my room with books all over. Books, books and books thats all life is right now. PHARMACOLOGY is a major pain right now. Memorizing the names of around 200 drugs, ( those used for their actions in the CNS, endocrine system, gastrointestinal system, anticancer drugs,NSAIDs and antiviral, anti fungal and anti heliminthic drugs !!!) along with their Side effects, mechanism of action, contra indications etc is just too much :(

Pathology is comparitively better.I keep mixing the life cycles of parasites in the microbiology section, but it still isnt that bad.( Dont forget P.Falciparum causes black water fever and L.Donovani causes black sickness)..

Forensic medicine is brutal and gruesome as ever, one of the things we're supposed to study about this semester is the postmortem examination of torture injuries ! I swear I havent felt as sick in any class before as I did in that class. The lecturer kept telling us of the various methods that are often used to torture people in prisons etc and all I kept doing the entire time was close my ears, think of other stuff, look to the ceiling or make faces. It was one majorly painful class, no wonder the attendance was low, I mean who'd sit in a class like that !

Bored ?? Yeah you better be, cuz I'm bored too , but here's something to lighten you up , a plate of delicious, sweet Gulab Jamun's !!!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exam woes and chores

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I have my final exams of this semester in less than a month. These exams would mean getting over with third year and moving on to fourth. We have five years of medical education in Pakistan so I'd be left with just two more years InshAllah ( God willing ). Please pray that I make it through these exams alive because right now I seem to be dangling from the edge of the cliff called sanity, I'm juggling with studies, house renovation ( extra work) and a sick mom (extra extra work) so that should also explain why I haven't been posting as much, replying to comments, or even commenting on your blog :(. This trend might continue till the mid of December but I assure you I will be back with a bang and make up for it ( I have a loooot of ideas on my evil head ) when I have a little more free time :)