Sunday, November 14, 2010

The PIDC blast

" IT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME !! I was in my room, studying in pin drop silence when suddenly the windows and door shook with such a violent noise that I thought that it was just down the road. I turned on the TV and then realised that it was a safe distance away "

Thats what Messi texted me back when I asked her if she was ok after I heard the news of the bomb blast near the PIDC building. Yeah, some stupid terrorists got bored and thought hey lets just go around on a blowing up spree !! Dont they have a heart ? Arent they humans ? Dont they feel anything !! The blasts killed 17 innocent people and injured many more.17 seems a statistic when its discussed in the media but those 17 lives were a part of the lives of so many other people which got shattered in an instant. Someone lost a father, someone lost a bread winner and so on, and even though life goes on, the impact remains....

I hope God gives enough brains to the terrorists to make them realise the depth of their acts, the heart to feel what horror they create and the conscience to repent their sins..

PS- The blast was so intense that it was heard till miles away. Messi lives 10 km away from the site !


  1. i watched that on the news and couldnt stop crying its heartbreaking how much evil people can do
    allah have mercy on the dead

  2. Yeah, I agree. It was the loudest sound ever. And the way my building shook to one side, I thought it was an earthquake - despite the fact that we live such a long distance away from the PIDC buidling. Absolutely terrifying.