Friday, April 13, 2012

Rich and pretty, or wild and free ?

Our class had a bonfire last month and my friend and I were supposed to host a party quiz with random questions for all our classmates. While thinking of the gazillion questions, here's one interesting one that kept me thinking for long.
                                Would you rather be rich and beautiful, or wild and free ?

An immediate response made me sway towards the 'rich and beautiful' option cuz I'd obviously be on top of the world if I had that, but then I paused to think, Is that really it ? Would that be all I want from life ? And then I said to myself with a deeper conviction that it was the other choice I'd really go for. I'd rather be wild and free. Why ?

Because wild and free means, exploration, discovery, freedom and a continuous progress. Being rich and beautiful probably gives you all that you'd want for a materialistic life but it all also makes you stagnant, what do you strive for when you have everything ? and secondly as they say ( in the spider man movie :D ) that with great power comes great responsibility, with great wealth comes an obligation to mold yourself in a certain way, behave a certain way and that just means giving away your natural desire to live the way you want free from all expectations. I'd rather roam around in my sneakers and laugh in the crazy way I do then walk in stilettos all day. I'd rather be amused at watching a chirping bird on a tree, or marvel at a flower than live in a villa and have nothing to do. I'd rather play around in the rain and get wet and dirty than sleep on a water bed.

I know opinions differ and that might not be your choice but for me that's the ideal way to live. Free and innocent like a child, where every day is day to discover and a day to be amused. 

Picture courtesy - Subhanzeid.wordpress

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 things I want to witness in this world before I die !

1 - The emergence of some geographical miracle or a strange phenomena like a discovery of an unknown continent, a sudden transition of a mountain into a volcano, the sudden emergence of an island with bizarre species of animals on it etc. Now that would be interesting to witness, wouldn't it !?

2- A successful contact with creatures from outer space or finding a positive proof that they exist..

 Err there goes my brain again with its science loving fantasies ! Here are some more serious things I'd like to see

3 - It sounds impossible considering the long unresolved history of these issues but I would really like to witness the solution to the Palestinian and Kashmir crisis in a manner that is acceptable to the people living there.

4- People are more inclined to have scientists find a cure for cancer, even though I do have feelings for this killer diagnosis and understand that the incidence of cancer is far higher than Parkinson's disease I would still like to witness science standing victorious against Parkinson's disease before I die, a treatment that doesnt slow the progression of the disease but halts it ! This disease has always intrigued me for two reasons, scientific and emotional ( my paternal grandfather was a patient of parkinsons disease )

5 - A literacy rate of atleast 70% in Pakistan, its pretty low right now !

The list might just go on but I'll hold myself here and do one more post on it later :)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Its a whitewash victory !

Pakistan whitewashed the England cricket team at the test series played in Dubai by 3-0 yesterday ! It was a series filled with surprises

Saeed Ajmal celebrating a wicket !
1- The England cricket team is ranked as the world's best cricket team but it amazing how they couldn't perform well on the field,

2- Saeed Ajmal !! If there's anyone who pleased cricket fans in this series it was Saeed Ajmal all the way through ! His bowling, his deadly doosra (second) way off spin delivery played the magic that batsmen in front of him couldn't stand a chance against. It was Saqlain Mushtaq a former Pakistani cricketer who actually came up with this technique.

 3 - Pakistan became the first team to win a test even after being bowled for under 100 since after 1907 !! 

And so this series came as an immense pleasure to all those cricket fans in Pakistan who were praying for Pakistan's victory :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

I am a final year student now !! It feels so good to say it, I could say it all day long. It feels mature, more senior, more respectful. 4th year finals were really the exams I was dreading badly, they were tiring and tough but hey they're over and I passed, all is well that end well, right ?

Talking about the latest buzz in Pakistan, ( no not politics, I really keep all that trash away from this space), is the latest offering from the entertainment industry - Humsafar. Thats the name for a drama that has gripped almost everyone. I'm really not that into it, but I have watched a few episodes. It all started when all the girls started talking about it, I thought it was just a girlish infatuation, but soon middle aged ladies were talking about it, and I thought oh heck ladies watch dramas all the time, but what came as a honest surprise was when I noticed guys talking about it on social networks so that proved my perception of it having a female appealing mushiness wrong.

The two lead characters, Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan
The drama is based on a novel and revolves around three characters who battle fate, conspiracies, love and hate which ties them together and breaks them apart. Its pretty addicting and the wonderful soundtrack, acting and screenplay give it that extra something which has taken to the top of the charts ! Here's the OST,