Saturday, June 25, 2011

10 months of agony and fear, and then, finally - freedom !

My heart was filled with pride and warmth today as I witnessed some really emotional moments. 10 months back a group of Pakistani sailors was kidnapped by Somali pirates and huge ransom was demanded for their release, or they'd be murdered. The families of those kidnapped made desperate appeals on the media for their release. One young girl, Layla Wasi, the captains daughter especially came to notice for her innocent and emotional speech on TV to help her get her father back. Ansar Burney a human rights activist, and an ex-human rights minister, rose to the situation for those in distress like he always has. The huge amount of ransom was collected and paid to the pirates. Not only did the ansar burney trust manage to get the Pakistani sailors freed but it also paid the ransom for other kidnapped sailors from India, Egypt and Sri Lanka, for which their families paid great tribute to Pakistan.

Captain Wasi and his daughter Layla Wasi.
The sailors were in tears once they arrived at the Pakistani port, it was especially so touching to see both Layla Wasi and her dad Capt.Wasi hugging each other, crying, and not letting the other go. That girl did a lot for her father, making appeals, speeches and what not. Capt. Wasi must be a proud father. May Allah always keep or families safe, and may Allah bless those who help others, their reward is surely Jannah ( Heaven)

Friday, June 3, 2011

So so so ...

I rock climbed !!No not on a rocky mountain but a less adventurous artificial thing they have to make people like me get a feel of it :D I didnt reach upto the top but I did something I had always wanted to do, drop back to the ground hanging by suspensions, lame I know, but thats the part I like best about rock climbing :D I would have made it to the top had I not started with a drained off energy level. But anyways, I did make it more than half way through :)

2nd July is the big day !! The day the exams start ( Yeah exam days are the only days I call big in my life, thats what medical college has turned me into ) So anyway its less then a month, and for some reason I'm still not in the study gear. Its probably because I've gotten bored of the entire exam phenomena ! I mean seriously just how many frickin exams am I supposed to take in this life time ? So I've figured, for this semester I'll just play like a pro soccer player playing in his own backyard and save my energy and all those super duper skills for the boards and all :)