Saturday, December 25, 2010

The man I call my role model !

"Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Muhammad Ali Jinnah did all three"

This description of Mohammed Ali Jinnah which perfectly summarizes the magnitude of his efforts has been taken from Stanley Wolpert's biography of Jinnah called " Jinnah of Pakistan"..

And how am I suddenly reminded of him today ? Its his birthday today. He was born in 1876 in this very city ( Karachi) and it is here that he lies at eternal rest. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, also more commonly known as Quaid e Azam ( urdu for great leader) is the reason Pakistan exists in the world map. It was his tiring, selfless dedication to the cause of giving muslims a separate home land that made Pakistan possible. All possible obstacles were erected in quaid's way and thousands of people were killed in  order to prevent Pakistan from being made, but Quaid's leadership and the nation's sacrifice finally made it possible..

Here's the title song from the movie Jinnah which stars Christopher Lee as Jinnah and Richard Lintern as the younger Jinnah. I'd advise viewer discretion since the song depicts some scenes from the Pakistan movement, how sometimes entire trains of muslims migrating to Pakistan were stopped and its passengers brutally killed etc,its a wonderful song though and brings out the patriotic side in me

Thursday, December 23, 2010

About over doing things and undergoing pain

The Molt Java Cake
I regretted eating the Java molt cake, the stuffed chicken, cleaning my room so vigorously that my muscles hurt, all these regrets and more filled my thoughts as I lay on my bed, moaning with all kinds of pain at 4 45 am today. Here's how it all happened. On thursday and Friday I was on my hyperactive mode, that doesn't happen very frequently but when it does, its like a tornado hitting my house. I tried to do all the cleaning I possibly could, I rubbed clean the cupboards (the exterior), moved plant pots from the lawn downstairs to the terrace in front of my parents room ( Its such a pretty terrace and I thought it was the perfect time of the year to get a few plants up there, Karachi's mild winters are good for plants, in case you were wondering what kind of a jerk tries plantation during snowfall), brought down my entire wardrobe and rearranged it ( I hate doing that btw), rearranged many other drawers, baked apple tarts, and went up giving Haleem ( its a special Pakistani dish with all the cereals cooked with meat and presented with a lot of garnishings) to 13 of my neigbours !, and a lot of other stuff, I slept like a horse after that !.

On Saturday, I went to college with Maryam for some admin work, on our way back we stopped over at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee shake, next stop was 'Pie in the sky' , it was my parents wedding anniversary and I needed to get a cake, we had a family photo session that day and a dinner later. On Sunday, we had a brunch at Waseem uncle's place. Waseem Uncle is my dad's friend back from college, he's pretty much family, and moreover his daughter Alina is exactly my age, and we go to the same university so I always look forward to meeting with them, anyways Aunty is a fabulous cook and I kinda, slightly, overate well OK I overate ! and then in the evening we had to go to visit another uncle cuz we hadn't met up with them at Eid and he was complaining about it..

Monday was spent entirely at Uzma's (my bestie) home, we watched drama's, worked on Faryal's scrapbook ( its her birthday present ssshhh !) ate pizza, went to the mall, bought a Saeed Ghani's herbal facial powder and then did them at night ( i could feel my skin breathe later !) and had a typical yummy Pakistani dinner later. And well Tuesday was busy in pretty much the same way...

the facial powder
Last night I slept early because of a bad headache, but I woke up again at  4 45 am, I didn't feel so good, I went to the bathroom when suddenly everything started going blur and my ears started ringing, it was exactly like the pre-fainting feeling I once had before fainting in college 3 years back. Amidst that horrible feeling I realised that I needed to get out of the bathroom asap, because if I fainted it there it would be difficult to get help !! I grabbed the door knob and stumbled all the way to my parents room, bumping into stuff all the way. My parents woke up from all the noise and hurriedly ( and of course worriedly) helped me onto their was such a pathetic feeling..the dizziness soon subsided but I was left moaning with a severe abdominal pain. It took me two hours, pills, water, heating pads and my mom's consolation to get back to sleep again...I woke up normal at 11am today and have been on a rice and lentil diet since morning. I think all that exhaustion after a heavily sedentary lifestyle, sitting on a chair studying all day long, for about a month and a half took my body by surprise :D and the fact that I was very careless about my diet for the past four days and loaded my tummy with all sorts of stuff just aggravated it all. ( I 'm sorry dear GIT )

PS - Mom and Dad think I need to get more proteins and exercise in my diet and have sworn to improve my eating habits..And it doesn't help that I hate eggs and beef !!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Discount cards just for being a Dowite ! How cool is that ?

According to the latest information release by the Dow University of Health Sciences all Dow students, faculty and alumni will soon be issued with a club card to avail discounts at many outlets in and around the city. This includes restaurants too !!

As glad as I was to hear that , it set me wondering how many club cards that would mean for the DUHS administration, I mean I'm sure the total number of alumni, students and faculty it has associated exceeds 2 lac ! I wonder how they'll be able to manage it. But I'm sure the finance department thought about that more statistically than I did..I just hope I get mine, and oh my dad too..And that reminds me, did I ever mention that my Dad's a dowite too ? The fact that my dad and uncle are Dow grads were one of the many reasons I wanted to get into Dow. It feels good to talk to dad about the changes in college, the college routine etc..He was from the batch of  1977 and Insh'Allah I'd be from the batch of 2013 ! Aint I talking about college too much ? I think I need to sign out now ! Chao :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

La la la laaaa

Who just got over with the semester exams ? Who would nt have to study Forensic Medicine ever again ? Who is now a 4th year student ? Who has a month long vacation ?...Me ME mE me Meee

I just got my life back, it had been squashed in between the pages of my heavy text books just like a shriveled rose which serves as a reminder of the beauty, fragnance and life it once carried. It was one and a half month of pure and intense studies but Not anymore !! I wont be doing any elective rotations this vacation so that means one month of Total Bliss !! The last time I had a vacation was back in July 2009 , in Dec 2009 I did it an elective in Civil Hospital and in July this year , I did one at Tabba Heart Institute so this time I decided to drop the idea of doing any hospital stuff at all , sit back and enjoy the winters. Come on I deserve a break ! Dont I ?  But nevertheless I'll try and study for the board exams this December.

Here's a list of stuff I'm planning to do

1- Sleep
2- Read a few novels.
3 - Learn fabric painting
4 - Watch a few Korean dramas
5- Catch up with all the Pakistani dramas I had been missing.
6 - Watch atleast a dozen movies :)
7 - Do ibadat (worship)
8 - Try baking a few new cakes that I'm dying to try out.
9- Arrange my cupboard before it explodes and buries me underneath all my clothes.
10 - Design and set my room. I couldn't even put up the frames and blinds after the painting job got done last month.
11 - Groom my driving skills ! ( Yes, I embarssingly admit that I suck at driving ! )
12 - Help my parents with the daily chores, they did so much for me during the exams. Dad used to make me tea and dear mommy ironed my clothes. I acted like such a spoiled princess. They do so much for me , its high time I acted like a big girl. Love them <3
13 - Gardening !

and I'm sure I have lots of other things too, I just too excited to think of more right now..And oh, yes, since I'm back to blogging in full groove I'm sure you'll be hearing me blab more often  ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

3 down 3 more to go !

I just got back from my last theory final ! It was supposed to be on Saturday but then all of a sudden, at around 9 pm on Friday night all universities of the province Sindh were declared off on account of Sindh Cultural day !! The government had this day planned for a long time but no one knew universities would be off.  But then again this is Pakistan and weirdities like this aren't very rare. But anyway , all my university mates went about dancing on the bed and air guitar-ing just as soon as the announcement was made, I mean hey who wouldn't like an extra day of revision ?! Well except the nerds who were in top form to give the exam already !

I still have my OSPEs ( Objective Structured Practical Examination) which start on the 9th. I have Pathology on 9th, Pharmacology on 11th and Forensic Medicine on 13th. I hope it goes just as good as the theory or better :)