Friday, December 17, 2010

Discount cards just for being a Dowite ! How cool is that ?

According to the latest information release by the Dow University of Health Sciences all Dow students, faculty and alumni will soon be issued with a club card to avail discounts at many outlets in and around the city. This includes restaurants too !!

As glad as I was to hear that , it set me wondering how many club cards that would mean for the DUHS administration, I mean I'm sure the total number of alumni, students and faculty it has associated exceeds 2 lac ! I wonder how they'll be able to manage it. But I'm sure the finance department thought about that more statistically than I did..I just hope I get mine, and oh my dad too..And that reminds me, did I ever mention that my Dad's a dowite too ? The fact that my dad and uncle are Dow grads were one of the many reasons I wanted to get into Dow. It feels good to talk to dad about the changes in college, the college routine etc..He was from the batch of  1977 and Insh'Allah I'd be from the batch of 2013 ! Aint I talking about college too much ? I think I need to sign out now ! Chao :)


  1. I so can't believe this, I hope we do get 'em and that they are actually GOOD discount cards and not just naam ke.
    Woohoo =D

  2. College is an important part of your life right now, so I think you can't talk enough of it. :)
    Found your blog via the LBS and absolutely love the layout and the fact that your posts sound as if you were really enjoying yourself and having a positive attitude towards it. I like it!

  3. wow! Good luck with the college..!!! I feel old now... hahaha.. and your blog is positive about pakistans.. that's nice... I'm from LBS!! :)

    have a nice day!

  4. Hope you Get the cards.!
    bEST oF lUck,.
    Just dropped by your blog and loving it.
    And you definitely have a new follower.

  5. hey u too from batch of 2013? i too am from 2013 batch but i am from IBA karachi so cheers :) i like your blog btw. come to visit my blog some time too, it's a new launch

  6. Thanks everyone :) Ill definitely pay a visit to your blog weird diary

  7. thanks :) tell me how how do u find it when u visit :)