Monday, December 13, 2010

La la la laaaa

Who just got over with the semester exams ? Who would nt have to study Forensic Medicine ever again ? Who is now a 4th year student ? Who has a month long vacation ?...Me ME mE me Meee

I just got my life back, it had been squashed in between the pages of my heavy text books just like a shriveled rose which serves as a reminder of the beauty, fragnance and life it once carried. It was one and a half month of pure and intense studies but Not anymore !! I wont be doing any elective rotations this vacation so that means one month of Total Bliss !! The last time I had a vacation was back in July 2009 , in Dec 2009 I did it an elective in Civil Hospital and in July this year , I did one at Tabba Heart Institute so this time I decided to drop the idea of doing any hospital stuff at all , sit back and enjoy the winters. Come on I deserve a break ! Dont I ?  But nevertheless I'll try and study for the board exams this December.

Here's a list of stuff I'm planning to do

1- Sleep
2- Read a few novels.
3 - Learn fabric painting
4 - Watch a few Korean dramas
5- Catch up with all the Pakistani dramas I had been missing.
6 - Watch atleast a dozen movies :)
7 - Do ibadat (worship)
8 - Try baking a few new cakes that I'm dying to try out.
9- Arrange my cupboard before it explodes and buries me underneath all my clothes.
10 - Design and set my room. I couldn't even put up the frames and blinds after the painting job got done last month.
11 - Groom my driving skills ! ( Yes, I embarssingly admit that I suck at driving ! )
12 - Help my parents with the daily chores, they did so much for me during the exams. Dad used to make me tea and dear mommy ironed my clothes. I acted like such a spoiled princess. They do so much for me , its high time I acted like a big girl. Love them <3
13 - Gardening !

and I'm sure I have lots of other things too, I just too excited to think of more right now..And oh, yes, since I'm back to blogging in full groove I'm sure you'll be hearing me blab more often  ;)


  1. Best of Luck fr everything! Have a great vacation!

  2. heyyy,,,,,u live in karachi>>??? i thought u were from saudia ( or maybe confused u with someone else). r u one of teh sisterhoos girl??
    nayways i live in nazimabad. where do u reside??
    na lso do watch "qaid-e-tanhai--from HUM

    n URRAN my personal favorite...feminist like us who write on issues will lovve this drama...saturday - 8pm GEO!

    oh n i lovvve ur description. almost feels like i got my exams ended *hugggiiezzz***

  3. Have a fabulous vacation kid! You deserve it.

  4. and give those hamstring muscles some exercise .

  5. Thanks a lot everyone..:)

    @ Cat girl - The only sisterhood I'm a member of is the sisterhood of the blogosphere, is that the sisterhood you meant ? I live in Karachi - gulshan/jauhar, well its officially Jauhar but its practically Gulshan :D..Yeah I've heard Qaid e tanhai is good , and I've made a personal note to watch Urran ! I like feminist stuff :)

    @ Tipu - My hamstrings definitely need some exercise, its like they've rusted !

  6. Glad to have you back. Do you like Bollywood or Hollywood? Then I will give u a list of movies you can watch this vacation. Relax, have fun and blog :).

  7. Lol big list it is! wish you good holidays.

  8. Thanks Tauqeer :)

    You would Harini !!? Yay :) I love movies ! Especially Hollywood :)

  9. I'm a brand new follower from LBS. Congrats on getting your life back - even if it is temporary. Hope you enjoy the break! And, if any of those cakes turn out to be mind blowing, pass the recipe my way. ;-)

  10. Congratulations, babe! Totally take some time off... go ahead and do something stupid (or sensible... whichever).

    Stopping by from LBS!

  11. I totally understand how exciting and freeing it feels to have a little break from school! I just finished finals and started my three week winter break, and I'm ecstatic! I hope you get to accomplish everything on your list.

    Stopping by from LBS!

  12. Hey! just visiting for the first time from LBS! Glad your exams are over! Enjoy your month off!

  13. Popping in from LBS Tea Party! Nice to meet you! Come see me over at

  14. I know the feeling you have at the end of medical semester exams! Utter relief! Glad to see you've planned a list for your holidays! :) That is the best way to enjoy em' :D

  15. Thanks a lot for stopping over :) I'll surely put up those recipes Jennifer :)