Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Its a whitewash victory !

Pakistan whitewashed the England cricket team at the test series played in Dubai by 3-0 yesterday ! It was a series filled with surprises

Saeed Ajmal celebrating a wicket !
1- The England cricket team is ranked as the world's best cricket team but it amazing how they couldn't perform well on the field,

2- Saeed Ajmal !! If there's anyone who pleased cricket fans in this series it was Saeed Ajmal all the way through ! His bowling, his deadly doosra (second) way off spin delivery played the magic that batsmen in front of him couldn't stand a chance against. It was Saqlain Mushtaq a former Pakistani cricketer who actually came up with this technique.

 3 - Pakistan became the first team to win a test even after being bowled for under 100 since after 1907 !! 

And so this series came as an immense pleasure to all those cricket fans in Pakistan who were praying for Pakistan's victory :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

I am a final year student now !! It feels so good to say it, I could say it all day long. It feels mature, more senior, more respectful. 4th year finals were really the exams I was dreading badly, they were tiring and tough but hey they're over and I passed, all is well that end well, right ?

Talking about the latest buzz in Pakistan, ( no not politics, I really keep all that trash away from this space), is the latest offering from the entertainment industry - Humsafar. Thats the name for a drama that has gripped almost everyone. I'm really not that into it, but I have watched a few episodes. It all started when all the girls started talking about it, I thought it was just a girlish infatuation, but soon middle aged ladies were talking about it, and I thought oh heck ladies watch dramas all the time, but what came as a honest surprise was when I noticed guys talking about it on social networks so that proved my perception of it having a female appealing mushiness wrong.

The two lead characters, Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan
The drama is based on a novel and revolves around three characters who battle fate, conspiracies, love and hate which ties them together and breaks them apart. Its pretty addicting and the wonderful soundtrack, acting and screenplay give it that extra something which has taken to the top of the charts ! Here's the OST,