Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mid sesmester

A lot has happened lately . I breathed a huge sigh of relief as my midsemster exams just got over a few days back. Even though they were just mids and our scores from these exams have no practical value besides self assesment, I was tense to the extent of puking and had two sleepless nights before the exam day while my friends sat in luxury watching Gossip girls and Japanese sitcoms online !!! I think getting tense over trivial stuff is just a part of my nature but my best friend and mom argue that I'm turning into a perfectionist, worrying for everything and nothing. It is difficult for me to believe their explanation entirely but I do realise their explanation is partly correct , I'm not exactly a perfectionist but yes I do try and keep myself stick to schedules very strictly.

Other than that I have a bad bruise on my elbow which is changing colors like a rainbow and is really fascinating to look at. The weirdest part is , I dont even remember how I got it.I was playing squash the other day and I think I swung the racket in such a way that it hit my elbow. And even if its not the explanation, things like this happen to me pretty often .My joints seem to be excessively mobile and wobbly.Trust me walking in my shoes is like walking on roller skates !!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My life as I see it

A child at heart
An infant soul
Spreading innocence is my only goal

I refuse to grow up
I refuse to transform
I refuse to take life as it comes along

My mind is in turmoil
My heart is scarred
One more slash and I'll fall apart

Frail as I am
A revolution I shall spark
For the faintest glimmer is no more dark

A path of illumination I shall leave
An eternal victory I shall achieve
And when the history of enlightment shall be seeked
My ephemeral life shall be missed and grieved !!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Looking back through the ocean of memories
my heart calls out
entrapped in a cocoon
I feel like flying out
swimming in an endless ocean
I'm tired of crying out

A voice consoles me "This is what life is all about"

I feel like thrashing the glass of misery
breaking the chains of bondage and slavery
I feel like growing out of the sheath of rituals
I feel like bringing a change that is perpetual
As I ponder and ponder

A voice a calls out "This is what life is all about"

It is a place of so called glory
It is a place of corruption and forgery
It is a place of endless terror
It is a place , full of faults, and error !

As I realised what life was all about,starting to panic my heart out

I heard a sound as if a soft whisper
Quivering as I turned around
Standing behind me was a man in a gown
Softly but gravely he announced
Opening his arms he pronounced

"This is no place for you to be around, for the sinless the world is never sound"

Reflection or Deception ?

Voices calling from deep inside
Is it my soul or is it my mind ?

The sounds of screams and struggle within
Is it myself or a troubled kin ?

The shadows of confusion and desperation
Is it metamorphosis or just a renovation ?

The symbol of evil and an avatar of sin
Is it my consience or the devil within ?

The model of love and the star of compassion
actully my heart or a clever deception ?

Embraced I am in the arms of victory
Is it true, or just a piece of my history ?

A childly smile and a cherubic face
A facade of happiness or an insult to grace ?

Ambitions and dreams leading my way
will I follow or will I wander away ?

Am I truly what I appear to be ?
The answer to that is still a mystery........