Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A day out at Uzma's

Uzma's home is kinda like my second home, for I dont know any other house besides my own that I've been to as frequently or as much ! But amazingly I did n't get the opportunity to spend much time with Uzma at her home these entire vacations. So after a lot of delays and postponements I finally made the awaited visit today. And boy was it fun ! We spent the morning reading our group diary from high school ! A diary which all of us friends shared to put down our recollections of the fun moments we had back then and even and funny pictures, caricatures & descriptions of each other..It was hillarious to read all the stupid stuff we did back then ! But on the other hand it also made me realize how much we have changed in these two years. The things we considred doing 'cool' back then seemed kinda absurd & childish now..I mean that is natural and a part of growing up and moving through life but I never knew that I'd change so much in a brief matter of two years ! Wow University has been a life changing experience ( and I still have 3 more years to go ! I wonder what I'd be then !!)

Well after that we went to a nearby mall, did a little bit of shopping, a whole lot of window shopping, had lunch at the food court and then did something that I had n't done in a long time - play games for tickets ! After spending Rs 200 on the coins and earning just 23 tickets ! we decided to save the tickets for later and headed back home

She spent six coins to get a stuff toy , but could n't =)

Back at Uzma 's palce I watched a Korean drama that Uzma had watched a few months back. Now Uzma is a huge fan of everything Korean, movies, dramas, mangas you name it..An interest not common in Pakistanis. She had always encouraged me to watch it but I never thought I'd like it but now that I've watched an episode, I'm addicted to it.
.Yup , addicted !

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Annual Dinner' 09

Ah well I have been trumpeting around the fact that I'm on a post semester vacation and am enjoying the well deserved relaxation, but, even then there are times I cant avoid going to college. Its just around a 30 min drive from home so it isn't much of a big deal.These days there are two tasks that require me going to college. Firstly, a research project I'm trying to work on and secondly the annual dinner arrangements, I'm kinda like amongst the oraganizers for it (well atleast on the fb event page ! ).

Now the annual dinner is something I'm pretty excited about. Its the end of year celebration which every batch has after the two semesters we have each year.Everyone naturally looks forward to it with eagerness and excitement. Last year the entire show was to be an outdoor event but it rained at the 11th hour and the show had to be moved into an auditorium which was,well, not bad I'd say but definitely not as elaborate as I might have wanted it to be. But anyways it wasn't that bad and everyone did leave with a smile on their faces .

This time all of us want it to be bigger and better ! The venue has yet to be finalized and a lot of meetings, discussions and agreements will have to be gone through to reach a decision agreeable to everyone.Then ofcourse the menu, the itinerary etc etc.And for all that I'll need to go to college every now and then.I feel good about being among the organisers but going on the same, long, well-travelled road to college even during vacations steals the charm of the holiday mood ! But anyway atleast I wont be attending classes :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its winter and you have to get Well Soon Dido, we love you !

Its finally winter ! The city where I live, Karachi, is a coastal city with a maritime weather.Its usually warm and humid throughout the year so winter is a greatly anticipated weather, bringing relief to the sweating, sun tanned people. The weather is not as cold as the northern parts of Pakistan and the temperature rarely goes down below,I'd say 50 F. Its also very short lived , winter hardly lasts for two months. And in these two months , winter lovers like me make the most of it by drinking as much coffee, mochas and hot beverages possible, and of course its a time to bring in use the winter wardrobe which is hardly used in the rest of the year.And Oh yes ! how could have I forgotten the blankets and comforters ! these luxuries are usually tucked into the storage areas somewhere in the corners of the house throughout the summer ( One hardly needs a bed sheet to cover oneself during summer ! )
Rest is all well.Except that a friend, Dido ( fictious name) has suffered a first degree burn on her face ! Thank God its just a first degree burn and her eyes remained safe. She was holding a small can of gasoline near a BBQ and it somehow caught a flame and ignited !. Instead of letting go of the can she tried to blow the flames away and then somehow the fire got her face !. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors gave her the first aid and discharged her..She just has to go to the hospital every six hours for the dressing now..We ( friends) went to her home with all our get well presents yesterday, it was hard to see her, my dear friend, with a burnt face but the doctors say she is healing well and will be better in about two weeks ..I'm hoping and praying she gets well soon and have definitely learnt a lesson ' Be careful near BBQs'

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The hangout with Shirin and Rubab yesterday was fun and a relief .Fun because its always good to be with friends and relief because all our past attempts to hang out ended up being cancelled for some reason or another.Shirin had lost hope to the point that she declared that all four of us were jinxed,rather cursed to repel each other !..But gladly we broke the 'curse' yesterday and it all turned out well :) .We went to a restaurant that has recently opened in Karachi, its a UK franchise which makes chicken, its called 'Chicken Cottage'.It was okay for some casual dine out as long as you're not in a hurry since they took too long to prepare the food.I tried their grilled chicken wrap which tasted good to me but okay to Shirin. The chicken in it was pretty tender and the filling tasted good too..Okay so I'm no food critic and have no intentions of turning my blog into a restaurant review page, so I'd rather let go of the food and move on !

Our BBQ party was a quite a party too, all the barbecued stuff we made were scrumptiously tasty,just rightly done, plus the salads and side dishes were all finger lickin good ! I so wanted to eat more but decided against it, I knew my stomach was full, it was just the greed that was n't satisfied I guess :)

God I've talked so much about food in this post ! I think its because I've skipped lunch and all my hunger is making me think of, is food..So before I get carried of once again dwelling on the subject of food , I better go and grab something real to eat :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Yahoo ! Yipee ! Yay !

My GPA - I was quivering with excitement I guess, that seems the only possible explanation for the hazy image !

We finally got our marksheets yesterday and to my immense surprise and pleasure I got a GPA 3.95 !! My nanoo ( grandmother) treated me with Pizza for dinner last night while my parents got me a new cell phone.Its Samsung Star, its the one with a touch screen and I am absolutely in love with it already.

It feels so good when you get something,(the result, not the cell phone :) ) after working so hard and really putting your sweat,blood and soul for it.. Uzma my best friend got a wonderful 3.88 as well so yeah we are both in a happy, jolly partying mood ! Aisha is throwing a BBQ party at her home Saturday night, while Shirin, Rubab, Uzma and I have a lunch planned up for Monday afternoon.In the meanwhile two of my friends have still to take exams, so they are pretty much in the same state I was in a month back.I feel such a strong surge of relief pass through my spines whenever I see them study, it amazes me, and after that feeling of relief subsides, the feeling of happiness at being on a vacation takes over.But anyways I just have two more weeks of vacation left, and after that I'll be a back to a tougher routine as compared to that of last year..But heck I don't want to think of it right now..Its holiday time!!