Friday, December 4, 2009

Yahoo ! Yipee ! Yay !

My GPA - I was quivering with excitement I guess, that seems the only possible explanation for the hazy image !

We finally got our marksheets yesterday and to my immense surprise and pleasure I got a GPA 3.95 !! My nanoo ( grandmother) treated me with Pizza for dinner last night while my parents got me a new cell phone.Its Samsung Star, its the one with a touch screen and I am absolutely in love with it already.

It feels so good when you get something,(the result, not the cell phone :) ) after working so hard and really putting your sweat,blood and soul for it.. Uzma my best friend got a wonderful 3.88 as well so yeah we are both in a happy, jolly partying mood ! Aisha is throwing a BBQ party at her home Saturday night, while Shirin, Rubab, Uzma and I have a lunch planned up for Monday afternoon.In the meanwhile two of my friends have still to take exams, so they are pretty much in the same state I was in a month back.I feel such a strong surge of relief pass through my spines whenever I see them study, it amazes me, and after that feeling of relief subsides, the feeling of happiness at being on a vacation takes over.But anyways I just have two more weeks of vacation left, and after that I'll be a back to a tougher routine as compared to that of last year..But heck I don't want to think of it right now..Its holiday time!!

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  1. Congrats on getting such a wonderful GPA. I also want a new cellphone :( . lets see if I can make my dad agree to buying me a new one *fingers crossed*. I am so excited for all the outings we have planned :D