Monday, November 30, 2009

Eid update !

Boy was it a hectic eid ! Even though we did n't go out much, cleaning up and managing the meat was a pretty tiring ordeal.Not much for me, but more so for my mom since she had to clean, organize and make packs of around 6o - 80 kgs of meat to be given to the needy in town and also make bigger packages to be sent to some poverty ridden suburbs of Karachi where there is a lot of poverty and people cant afford to buy meat.We retained some of the meat for our own consumption and did a BBQ on the second and third day of Eid.And this BBQ was special because I did it pretty much on my own (For the first time ever :)) Check my previous post Festivity and Celebrations for more info on Eid

This eid is mostly about the sacrifice, sacrificing an animal (goat,sheep,cow,lamb etc) .In the cities people just buy an animal few days before eid while in the rural areas where people mostly have farm and farm animals,a reared animal is sacrificed.Its a sacrifice and not just slaughtering because one tends to develop an emotional attachment with that animal overtime, but then, due to God's order one has to sacrifice it.And this sacrifice is the entire concept of this eid.It teaches one to put one's personal love and desires aside for the greater interest of the mankind ( as the meat is mostly given to the poor and needy).

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