Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The bitter sweet lollipop !

Wow it feels so good to be writing a post after such a long time.Its been ages since I last posted anything , well not exactly ages but the past two weeks did seem like an eternity to me.My life went all stagnant and boring,every thing was at a stand still, I just couldn't have written anything even if I would have tried to publish anything on my blog.The main reason for this was none other than my fourth semester exams.

As might have been evident from my previous posts, I just hate exams, I hate the feeling of being examined and I just hate the whole idea of having my entire semester's worth of hardwork judged and graded within a painful fraction of two hours. Its just the state of mind you are in within those two hours that determines your GPA for the entire semester.How unfair!.But anyways thats the way life is and I'm happy that I'm over with the theoretical part of exams.Our OSPES (Objective structured practical exams) start next week. Two of the three thoretical exams I took went really well but I cant say about the third one, Human anatomy i.e. But I'm hoping and praying that I get a good GPA.I worked really hard this semester.There were times in these two weeks when I spent 13 hours of the day studying !!.Glued to my chair with a pile of books in front of me and an endless list of tasks to be completed the only thought that made me go on was 'hard work bears fruit'.

I know I'll have to go through a lot in life to achieve my dreams and make my mark in the field of medicine,being a doctor is just one of the dreams I had.I joke with my mom that I'm licking a lollipop thats really bitter but has a candy filling deep down inside, all I 've gotta do is lick away the bitterness :)

Heres's what I have pasted in front of my desk, it surely gives me the inspiration I need in life

"For some sky is the limit but for some its just the very beggining"


  1. Wow! That's a fantastic attitude you are feeling, Najwa. I hope you do not mind if I repeat your quote in my pottery class tonight, as I think it applies very well to the students as they work on learning how to throw pottery. You have my best wishes on your exams... I think you will make an excellent doctor some day.

  2. Thanks a lot Carl!.And ofcourse I wont mind if you repeat my quote infact it would be great if it could provide your students with inspiration.