Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is it alright to have a weird crampy feeling in your muscles after yoga ?? Well you see we had a yoga orientation seminar at college today and we just did a few very basic yoga stretches that didnt seem difficult at all, but all my joints have been feeling weird after that. I probably didn't use the right posture. The organisers are planning a yoga plus aerobic session soon and I cant wait for it !! I hope my muscles are more workable by then !

Friday, May 6, 2011

My favourite Pakistani foods

I'm not exactly a food lover, I believe in eating less and living long but my mom finds this rather disappointing and believes in eating all you want and then working out to lose it. My schedule hardly allows for working out a lot ( did I mention I've managed to work out for 20 mins for 1 month straight ? * read achievement*) I choose to control the calorie intake and hear my mom scold me about how growing children need more nutrients ! YES growing child ! thats what she always says, I mean for God sake mom I'm almost 23, I'm no more a growing child , I am an aging adult, for crying out loud , she then smiles and says oh you still need it any way. Yeah, that's the kind of logic moms use for their kids.

So anyways , I still do like food and there are some foods I'd rather not think twice about eating, here they are

Chicken Handi - The traditional clay utensil used for cooking food as seen in the above pic is called a handi. The chicken is cooked it in it with tomato and onion sauce.

Haleem - Its a cooked mixture of all kinds of lentils, wheat and cereals with meat and spices. Its eaten with a lot of garnishings

Biryani - Now you could almost call this particular dish our national food, since I dont think there exists any Pakistani who hasn't had it or doesn't like it. Its rice cooked with meat and gravy ( and of course spices !)

Chana Chaat - This a favourite for all those who like sour and savoury food. Its boiled chick peas with a lot of tamarind paste, lemon, green chillies, mint, coriander, potatoes, onions and tomatoes.
Naan - Its flat bread that's eaten along with curries and its less classy version, roti/chappati is a staple diet for Pakistanis. I love naan so much I could eat naan all day without actually bothering for the main dish.

Chicken Karhai - This meat dish is sauted with a lot of tomatoes and onions in a big wok

Chapli Kebabs - The one in the pic is a tad overcooked and doesnt look as tasty as it is in real life. Its a patty of meat and spices that is fried with added herbs. The northern areas of Pakistan make the best variety.
Matar Pulao - Its rice cooked with cumin seeds, and green peas

Koftey - Who hasn't heard of meatballs ? This is exactly it, which is cooked in various forms of traditional gravy
Daal - Lentils - I love both the soupy and the dry cooked versions. The soupy one is usually eaten with rice while the dry one with naan or chapaati

Ras Malai - This is a sweet dish. Its basically a dough of milk and eggs, cooked in milk and sugar