Monday, February 15, 2010

I hate the Gynaecology ward !!!!!

I apologise for not being able to post for the longest time in history..All thanks to my virus infected laptop..I'll be publishing posts about whatever happened during the past month in chronlogical order...

Start of Feb -

What do you do when you are supposed to be perfect at something that you're doing for the very first time ! What do you do when your friends expect you to do something for them and when you do it you're in hot water ! What do you do when you're held responsible for something that wasn't entirely your fault, if fault at all !

This week has been a roller coaster ride with its own peaks and troughs ! I'm done with my rotation at the ENT ward and am now posted in the gynaecology and obstetrics ward..I remember mentioning in one of my previous posts that ENT wasnt exactly my area of interest, as for gynae the only word I have is repulsive. I'd rather jump off a cliff then specialize in this field. I cant decide wether its the gross nature of examinations or the uncooperative ( read- fire breathing) doctors in this ward that've led me to this degree of aloofness towards this field..

Wondering how I ended in hot waters that I wrote at the very start of this post ? Here it goes..

We had an evening duty on Thursday (Our very first evening duty) which meant attending college from 8 30 - 2 30 (including the two hours of morning ward duties) and then off to the evening duty till about 8 pm. Since it was our first week at the new ward, we really had no idea of how things functioned plus thing turned really dull when we sat clueless in the ward, unaware of our duties, for three hours with no one to supervise us ! This really irritated my wardmates who asked me, the ward captain, to call a doctor and get assistance. I tried calling the supervisor , but to no avail. And then, I did the horrendous mistake of calling the second doctor incahrge who picked up the phone only to tell me that she wasnt the person to be called. Fair enough ! Now here comes the twister..friday afternoon I get a call from the supervisor who yells at me for calling the other doctor (who I later came to know was a consultant - The sleeping dragon). She also said that she'll meet me in person ( to scold me face to face I guess). Gladly I havent seen her around in the past four days and was able to succesfully dodge her today. Whats amazing is that I dont have any idea about what was wrong about what I did. Our rules book clearly says that we can the consultant in case of any queries !!

Besides that our research project is in the practical stage now ! It was a lot of hardwork to get it to this stage..And ofcourse the annual dinner preparations are on at a full throttle. Which involves running around, meetings, publicity, a search for sponsors and what not !!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Waiting for the climax with a heavy heart !

Cheers for DMCs soccer team !

That's our college's team (medical students) in blue and the dental students in green

This entire week was our university's Sports week ! All our classes and ward duties were off and while I should've been out painting the town red I made plans to utilise this free time studying, the only sad part is I spent more time on-line than I did on-my-desk ! as they say on facebook, I need to get off facebook and put my face in a book ! Nevertheless the sports week was an enjoyable affair with emotions running raw, competitiveness reaching peaks and patriotism to our colleges ascending to levels they rarely do in regular studying schedules.

At the girls badminton match

There are six institutions under our university (Dow University of Health Sciences) - the college of pharmacy, the college of oral health sciences, two colleges of medicine , college of nursing and a college of medical technology. I haven't named them at the risk of confusing the reader. All six institutions come face to face in this sports week to blow each others ego and return to their college as victors. Victors who would boast of their victory till the return of the sports week the next year.
Mushaira (Urdu)- Its an event where poets recite their poetry and duets

Tomorrow was supposedly the day for the finals, but, tragedy struck ! There were two bomb blasts in Karachi today. One on a public bus and the other in front of the hospital where the injured were being taken ! It wrecks ones mind with disgust that there can exist humans who'd do such a thing. I dont think they even deserve to be called humans, for humans are supposed to be God's best creation, gifted with the ability to think and discern right from wrong. Surely those who shed each others blood can never be called humane if not human !

So considering the tragic event of today, our final matches due for tomorrow and the gala night due on Sunday have been postponed ! And so we await the climax of our teams' hardwork and pray for the departed souls side by side..........

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finger Art

Uzma recently got bitten by a creativity bug. She's been contriving on a type of finger art trying to take our weird pics which depict a special trait we have and then making her finger, or rather, giving a make over to her finger to show our finger look alikes !

And so here's my finger look alike and the emphasis (as per what she says) is on the cuteness, even though I don't find anything cute about me in this pic !!

The bunny ears are supposed to show my cuteness I guess ! Uzma and her brain work !

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The week - reflected

Life has been pretty busy since the last time I posted and yet I could n't think of anything worth mentioning in my post . So I'm just gonna list down some of the things that happened through out this week and the last

1- We discovered a traditional Sindhi Jhula ( a cot like swing) at Rita's home this weekend. She has a Sindhi background and the jhula was a childhood present from someone in her family. The ones I've seen in pictures are usually more colourful but we did n't mind the appearance as long as we could sit inside and have our pics taken..And I'm sure the number of pics we took and stuff we did on the jhula convinced her family that we were no more than a bunch of jerks all excited over nothing !

2 - Uzma's sister passed her final Chartered Accountancy exam ! And its not just the passing that I consider an achievement for her, but the fact that she did it at a very young age ( early 20's for crying out loud ! ). People spend ages trying to pass the CA exam ( I've seen people trying to pass the exam at 30 ) and she's already a full fledged Chartered Accountant ! She sure is an inspiration for CA students out there !

3 - We had our ward exam last week to test what we had learned in our month long posting in ENT ( Ear, nose and throat ward ) It was a relief to hear the teacher comment that he liked my history taking skills, especially since all those I know had remarked that he was a difficult examiner to please !

4 - Shirin is presently suffering from 'GSS' ...Guilty shopper syndrome ! She spent her entire pocket money and a bit of her savings on stuff that she is regretting having purchased. And , that, I tell you, is not something unexpected from Shirin ! She goes wild about something first, cries and whines to go get it, and once she does , she is filled with remorse of blowing off her money on something that was n't really important in the first place ! ( Passionate she is ! )

5 - I got locked out of the class twice this week . And no it wasn't my fault. I mean seriously ! Our lecture hall for this years classes is on the second floor ! And since our college was architected in the time when the subcontinent was under British rule, those two floors are actually like 5 floors (high ceilings) and it takes ages to walk up the stairs. Imagine the pain when you walk up those looong, tiring stairs , out of breath and stamina, and find out that you've been late and hence locked out !!

6 - The rooster that my neighbor had adopted is no where to be seen ! I 'm guessing they gave it to someone or the poor fella just made his escape ! And the bunnies have turned from adorable to scary ! They aren't the frightened little creatures I thought they were. They stare at me with their huge eyes and dont even stir when I walk past them. I'm the one scurrying away and they are the one's sitting and ogling the scene I put up for them ! Evil bunnies