Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The rooster in my lawn !

My cat Nina

I've been observing strange patterns in my neighborhood lately. First, my immediate neighbors got their house painted, and then as if by some strange inspiration suddenly three other neighbors decided it was high time to paint and fix their house.And so within a matter of days my peaceful locality has begun to look as if its been trying to reconstruct itself after a tycoon wreckage or an earthquake destruction..There are painters rubbing the house walls with sandpaper , workers cleaning the window tops, overactive neighbors hammering their fences as if their entire survival depended on it and carpenters drilling to the point that I seem to have developed tinnitis ! Imagine three houses around you going through the same process. I'm hoping they don't begin a competition to see whose walls are brighter or whose fence stronger ! Besides its definitely going to make my home look old next to theirs ! But no matter how old, wrecked, shattered or devastated my home looks like I'm not going to have it painted right now and be a part of the renovation mania ! I'd rather appear dull than an obsessed copy cat !

And its not just this renovation thing, I've also recently noted a change in a choice of pets..People have moved from the old fashioned dogs and cats to the uptown style ! ( And no ! I love my cats so no matter how old fashioned I look I'm not letting go of them ). Just a few days back, while on my evening walk, I saw not one but two middle aged ladies walking with a rope tied around a goats neck.It was funny to see the goat following them in the middle of the road ! I mean whats next ? A cow ? ( Keeping ungulates as pets may be seen in the Eid, Eid ul Azha season , but otherwise its pretty rare ).Then again, my neighbor across the road has two pet rabbits who roam around here and there freely , its often a pleasant surprise to see them sitting at my door they are just so adorable..But here's the shocker that happened this morning. I walk out of my front gate to go to college and find a ROOSTER strolling in my lawn !!!!

PS - The rooster is my neighbor's recent choice of pet and I'm assuming it was fed up of the renovation fiasco back at his place and decided to saunter along my old fashioned lawn for some peace..Well at least now there's someone who thinks the way I do !...lol

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  1. I laughed when I read your post, Najwa. That's a great photo of your cat, Nina, btw.