Sunday, January 10, 2010

A look into the future !

All scrubbed up for the OT !

I apologize for my post being very short last time, I was in a hurry and my haste did n't allow me to put much details about the stuff I mentioned last time. Life has suddenly changed, its as if I've been catapulted from the north pole to the south in an instant, I mean thats how you feel when you come back after an extended leisurely vacations with a prosaic mind to college and are thrown into the whirls of an ever demanding and tough routine without any prior time to adjust to the change .

I'm in the third year of Medical college now , third year, the time when we're posted in hospital in each ward on a monthly basis. I've been posted in E.N.T (Ear, nose and throat) which is not exactly my area of interest but is nevertheless a great experience.We ( as in me and my other friends who've been posted in the same ward) attend OPDs, wards and OTs dealing with ENT.Its so much more different to be studying stuff theoretically and seeing stuff in real life, on real people in real life situations ! Talking to patients, taking down their clinical history and knowing that they're telling me their personal information, which they probably did n't even reveal to their close family , trusting me to be one of their healers ( which I'm really not at this stage !) is a burdening but elevating responsibilty.

Besides the ward duties and ward studies we have our theoretical studies as well which obviously are getting harder. This week has been pretty tiring not only because I'd been trying to adapt to a new routine but also one of my uncle in US is getting married and we're supposed to be sending all the traditional dresses to be given to the bride from Pakistan ! And so that means - A looot of shopping !.. I was pretty excited about the new challenges and was pretending to be unfatigued but yesterday proved me wrong. As I retired to bed last night, and was about to fall asleep a loud groan ( by myself ) startled me, I rolled on to my other side and as soon as I was semi- conscious , it happened again, and jolted me back to vigilance , thats when I realized that I probably was tired ! . And if that realization was n't enough, I had six friends/aquaintainces tell me today that I looked tired/sleepy/worn out/weary etc etc..

But anyways I know its just because I'm still getting used to it and I'll probably adjust to it all in less than a week ! Besides the amusement of meeting patients and the excitement of witnessing something new everyday is bound to keep me energized :)


  1. Long live Mbbs, Long live DMC

  2. Hopefully after a few good nights of sleep you will feel more refreshed. Thanks for the post and best wishes!

  3. awesome OT experience

  4. Best of luck and a lot of best wishes for your studies and future (practical) life.
    I hope you'll prove a good, honest, kindhearted and frank doctor INSHALLAH. My advise, kindly be helpful and sympathetic with the patients.