Saturday, January 16, 2010

The bowling match and other 'Arena' moments

Arsala and I !

We were in class day before yesterday when Uzma whispered into my ear
" Have you started studying yet ? " turning to look at her with a bewildered expression ( its not usual to hear Uzma talk about studies) all I said was " No, but I think we should " , it seems she had her nerd pants on because she went on further to ask " So when do we start ?" amazed at her interest again, but consciouss of the fact that her concern was natural I tried to push the idea of studying to the latest date possible and suggested " Lets start from the 15th , as in after half the month passes we'll have a better idea of the course outline " Uzma instantly pulled out her cell phone to see the date and turned the screen towards me " Its 14th already Najwa !"..I must say I was just as shocked as her to realize that it was already 14th but more than the strange epiphanic feeling was the stinging sadness of starting studies again :) But anyways I did do a little reading today and found the subjects to be pretty interesting !

Enough talk about studies, lets move on to something thats more interesting ! Its hangouts and parties ! We had recently been planning to go watch 'Avatar' after classes ended but facing the challenge of having a full house at practically every theater for the entire upcoming week we changed the idea to go watch a movie to have a bowling match instead. So yesterday, after all the slow, dragging classes ended after what seemed a longer than routine day , we packed ourselves in four cars and headed to 'Arena'..I like arena for its location ( close to home ) , affordability and the fact that its got everything under one roof ( Mini golf, bowling, cafe, ice deck, the artificial rock climbing cliff, snooker pools , gym, arcade and even a paintball fighting war zone !) Farwa, a friend who studies at a college in the North western province was in town and we called her to be a part of the fun.

The bowling match was fun and I finished at second place ! I wont go into much details and let the pictures speak
Its s good thing I took the picture while I was still winning :)

Uzma played five consecutive games , winning all the rounds !!! She sure has stamina

Some of the scrumptious desserts we had at gelato affair after draining our energies at Arena

Love ya all !


  1. Amazing blog and a wonderful post! I don't know any of you but I can so relate to it.

    Following.. :)

    Happy writing!

  2. gelato affair looks amazing. so does the Orange Octopus. you write better English than I do. I enjoy reading your blog. NOW GET TO STUDYING!