Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summer time is lawn time !

Iits almost the time of the year to wear Lawn again, and the city is filled with billboards and hoardings with advertisements of models in dresses made of flashy lawn prints tempting enough to actually visit their lawn exhibitions. So what is lawn ? its a very light cotton-ish fabric that is ideal for the summers, especially for the hot , humid and dreaded summers of Karachi. Just yesterday we planned of going to Nadya Hussain's ( a model ) lawn exhibit, so after college uj, rubber, shee and I went to the Pearl Continental Hotel, where the exhibition was supposed to be,  but it was only after we got there that Shee reminded us that the exhibit was at actually at Marriott ! but there was another exhibit at PC, Yasir Waheed's and since Yasir Waheed is a trusted name in lawn brands we decided we to go ahead and make our visit of use. It was the last day of exhibition and most of the good prints were already sold out but I bought a few for my mom and myself nevertheless..

Nomi Ansari

 Nomi Ansari is a famous dress designer but its the first time that he's introducing his own line of lawn prints, I'm really looking forward to his exhibition, its in the third week of March, I just hope the prices are affordable !

Nadya Hussain

Her line of lawn prints were the ones we wanted to see that day but instead ended up at the one below, but I'm glad we did because I later read and heard comments that the fabric wasn't very upto the mark and the designs weren't very adequate either.

The place where we landed !
 The next post would be a guest post ! The first in the history of this blog :) so stay tuned :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back to business

I'm back from my dream vacation, and I say dream not because it was way too fantastic or because I spent the time at a resort on some island, but dream because it was too short to be real, sitting back on my laptop right now, the past fifteen days or so seem like a dream. I'd thought I wouldn't get much jetlagged since the stay was very short but nay, I dont think I've been this badly jet lagged even after trips that were two months long. But then again I think the present always seems more intense than the past, just like every summer I'm found saying that "summer was never this hot !"

I'd be documenting more stuff and would be blogging more frequently but for now I'm off to sleep...drops down  ZzZzZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hotel California

I'm past my first week in CA and the jet lag has almost completely worn off, but my allergies have kicked in, i wonder why, it happens all the time ! Im at my uncle's house and we have guest from Arizona as well, my other uncle, its such a full house :) I'm really liking it..the idea of a huge family with lots of cousins is always so pleasing to me.I only wish I had a few cousins my age, almost all of mine are younger than me.My uncles kids in CA are the ones Im closest too, I love it when they call me Baaji ( urdu for elder sister) or show me their stuff and play all kinds of games with me. I LOVE them and of course I LOVE my aunt and uncle too, they're my second set of god gifted parents :)

My uncle from dad's side and another uncle from mom's side would be coming to visit us this week too, and I'm really looking forward to that..Cheers to family :)

PS - I know I havent uploaded any pics in a while, its just that I left my laptop in Pakistan and am using my cousins pc..ill do the uploading as soon as I get there. I promise

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Say hello to the slave in me !

Guess where I am at ? No prizes for guessing it and booo if you failed. Well, I am in California right now. Remember I posted on how my vacations got extended and that required a shift in travel plans ? So basically I had to cut my electives at LN Hospital short, pack up, say goodbyes and board the plane. Its just a stay for 15 days and I'll miss about 4 days of college in the middle, but anyhow atleast I'll get to meet my relatives.

What I'm really  annoyed about right now is the fact that the doc whom we ( Huz and I) worked under at the LN hospital has refused to issue me an experience certificate , let alone a LOR ( letter of recommendation). I mean I get it that he'd find it difficult to trust my skills enough in a period of two weeks to write an LOR for me, but heck, he even refused ticking on those tiny boxes in a performance assesment form so that the administration could give me a written acknowledgment of my two weeks at that hospital.Reason - "Two weeks just isnt enough for any kind of acknowledgment" I mean what is he, kidding me !.He made us work like a mule, made us stay back extra hours everyday, asked us to do assignments and all goes to waste just because I couldn't do a complete one month of slavery for him. He was so annoying that even Huz has chosen to stay away from him after I left, I'm sure he'd drive him up the wall if he stayed.

And oh yeah did I mention that he didn't even give us lunch breaks ?!!, Huz and I would rush to the cafe and grab some cookies and gobble them down as we walked from the OPD to the ward after him..Now isnt that cruelty ??

On the other hand bestie and other friends at the cardio ward are under a wonderful, happy, humorous doc who takes them as humans and encourages them too..I'm envying them !

PS - All the other neurlogists in that hospital were all really cool.