Monday, February 7, 2011

Hotel California

I'm past my first week in CA and the jet lag has almost completely worn off, but my allergies have kicked in, i wonder why, it happens all the time ! Im at my uncle's house and we have guest from Arizona as well, my other uncle, its such a full house :) I'm really liking it..the idea of a huge family with lots of cousins is always so pleasing to me.I only wish I had a few cousins my age, almost all of mine are younger than me.My uncles kids in CA are the ones Im closest too, I love it when they call me Baaji ( urdu for elder sister) or show me their stuff and play all kinds of games with me. I LOVE them and of course I LOVE my aunt and uncle too, they're my second set of god gifted parents :)

My uncle from dad's side and another uncle from mom's side would be coming to visit us this week too, and I'm really looking forward to that..Cheers to family :)

PS - I know I havent uploaded any pics in a while, its just that I left my laptop in Pakistan and am using my cousins pc..ill do the uploading as soon as I get there. I promise


  1. Ahhh jealous! I love California! It's my favorite place :] You should visit Disneyland for me while you're there. Have fun!

  2. I hope you have fun here. at least its not as cold there in Cali :)

  3. family get togethers are awsomeee...m gona have one too sooon INSHALLAH :D