Thursday, December 4, 2008

The end of Vactions :(

So its the end of Vacations in just around three days and I have n't even bought a new lab coat yet ! Wait, I should mention here that I'm in 2nd year of med school and so its kind of like our uniform. My old ones have turned a shade of yellow , the extensive wear and the biochemistry lab would account for that.

Even though its a start of a new year and a new semester, I dont think I'm the least bit excited because college for me means a long commute to college and back home every day in the sweltering heat,long boring classes,the hideous way that I tan and ofcourse, lack of time to do stuff that I really enjoy doing, like writing, reading thrillers and watching movies ! Man I'm such a luxury lover but I guess I really should put my shoes on, stand up straight, apply a thick coat of sun block and march out of the comforts of my house to the real life...the life I'l be expected to live once I'm a professional. Huh, so bye bye comfort and hello real life !