Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't you dare steal my cabbage !!

It was supposed to be our human anatomy class.The teacher hadn't arrived yet so I borrowed Uzma's readers digest to read in the meantime.Just as I started reading, Uzma and Shirin, seated on either side of me turned to talk ,and here's there conversation

Shirin - Hey Uzma ! Your chicken is about to lay eggs isn't it ?

Uzma - Oh yes ! I'm just so excited !

Shirin - Good for you , my dog went lost, its just so sad !

I was wondering when Uzma got chickens and Shirin a dog but decided to go on reading trying to block their conversation out of my ears.

Uzma - Suits you well, you stole my cabbages last week , it was just about to harvest you know !

Shirin - Look who's talking ! You stole my carrots ! I spent hours trying to harvest them !

Uzma - Hahah well you didn't have a dog to guard your farm, did you ? What can you expect ?
Shirin - Oh, you just wait I'll steal your corn tonight and get a dog too.
Uzma - We'll see.But dont you dare steal my cabbage, they sell for higher !!!

No matter how hard I tried to block their sounds from my ear, it was difficult to do so with both of them talking on my either sides, and their weird conversation did n't help either. By now I had my mouth agape in bewilderment ! And was totally lost. Stealing veggies, harvesting farms, pets and what more they're selling it now !!!! I knew they dont own farms and no one in their family did either so what was the whole nonsense..

I just muttered - Lost

Shirin (turning to look at me ) - What ? You lost your dog too ?

Me - What ? No ! I dont have a dog you know that ! I've lost track of your conversation.Thats where I'm lost.What are you guys talking about.And by the way,Why are you guys stealing cabbages and carrots !

I said with a bamboozled look on my face. There was a pause and then they burst out laughing, it took a whole minute to get them stop laughing and start explaining.

Uzma and Shirin - We were talking about facebook's barnbuddy application you idiot ! Hhahahah.... and on they went

How was I supposed to know ???

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weird panic attacks in public !

My uncle was here to visit us for a week and ofcourse the week fleeted in no time and it was time for him to go yesterday ! We went to the airport to drop him off. Hugging and waving and the usual goodbyes took place and we left the airport to return to the car park.Just when I was about to take the escelator to the lower floor I noticed a girl about 6 or 7 years old a few paces ahead of me.She was with kids about her own age and they were playing by going down the escelator and coming back up again.But what drew my attention was the fact that she was n't being careful, she hoped on to the escelator to go down without even looking at it and had her foot at two steps at once ...I know that happens a lot of time and that escelators are not danger zones but to see a 6 year old in that precarious situation made the chicken in me panic..All of a sudden without even realising , as if like a reflex I had my arms raised to the 90 degree position pointing my fingers at her, my legs went rigid while my torso kept curving backwards as I started squeaking in Panic ( nervousness makes me squeak in situations when I intend to scream !) "She'll fall ,she'll fall !!" . Apparently all I could get out of my mouth was 'fall,fall ' for my mom and grandma who were at a distance thought I was the one falling, and had to come to my rescue !,my weird posture must have added to their misconception. Whats even more embarassing is the thought that my weird act must have won many stares from the people around me.

I regained my normality only when after a few seconds I saw the kid remain unharmed and simply step backwards to keep herself from falling just like anyone would have done. But I did realise that my response was a little too exaggerated and ofcourse, very embarassing !

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home sweet home

A pic of the neelam lake I found on the internet
Everytime my mom's angry with me over something I just tease her by saying she better treasure me or I'm moving to the dorm.It melts her down and freezes her temper.Its been going on for quite a while now and I'm making the best out of it.I know I know its evil of me :) but hey its fun.In our society we live with our parents until atleast we get married and parents support their children financially until they get a job which is usually after they get some good decent education.Part time jobs during student life are not a norm in our society.Coming back to the point, last week I decided to go visit the girls dorm and see for myself the kind of life I could expect there.So yesterday my best friend Uzma and I found some free time between classes and ventured into the dorms area with a sense of curiosity and admiration towards a life which we had only seen in movies or heard of from our friends who live in the dorms.Well I had to drag Uzma with me (she was tired after the previous day's late night shopping !) but nevertheless she did come with me no matter how much she hated to (I can always count on her :) )

The dorm, hostel as it is called here, lies in a closed, walled compound with guards outside to make sure its female inhabitants are safe and secure.We had to get permission from the matron to enter.She was kind enough to send us a lady (no idea who she was !) to show us around.

It was a decent place with a huge veranda in the middle.There are three hostel blocks.A was dangy, B was better , C was best.You can keep TVs, Fridges, microwaves etc ,air conditioners are not allowed though.But all the while I was there all I kept saying to myself subconciously was, 'I cant live here', 'I dont wanna live here', 'I'm so not living here' etc.It gave me a strange sense of loneliness, depression, and an unfillable vacuum.But most of all I realised that I would miss my parents and the luxuries I have at home.I'd miss my home itself, my room, my dear room with its attached bathroom..So that day when I came back home I entered the door with such a huge feeling of relief and ofcourse love for my family that I dont think I'm going to look back to the dorms anytime soon ! And so obviously I'm not threatning my mom anymore :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ramadan, Iftar parties and unexpected rains !

A glimpse of the rain from my window

Its after sunset here in Karachi and I just sat down to blog after breaking my fast.Its the month of Ramadan (Acc to Islamic calender) in which all the muslims fast from dawn to dusk and refrain from all kinds of food,drinks and sinful activities. With Ramadan comes not only a lot of worship but Iftar parties as well.People invite those who fast at their homes and they break the fast togethor.We just had an Iftar party at my friend Faryal's place who was more than excited to have us over since she's leaving to meet her parents in Saudi Arabia tommorrow and will be coming back after two long months !

Faryal and her delicious cutlets !
It was a good thing that we had the party in the weekend because just as the weekend ended all of a sudden the met department announced thunderous rains.It was most unexpected since its post-monsoon time in Karachi and it rarely rains in this season.Let alone rain so heavily that the entire sky went dark and it rained for like two days on an on and off basis.It was fun at the start (yes, fun,there is so much of sunshine in Karachi that people call cloudy weather pleasant and rainy days fun !!) but soon I grew tired because there was too much water on the roads, there were traffic jams and I had to miss two days of college. I was hoping the temperature would go down after the rain but it was so hot today that it seemed it had never rained, the only indication was the humidity !! I'm pretty sure the temperature was somewhere around 36 C.

The dark clouds (This pic was taken by my friend Maria)

Even this pic doesn't do justice to how dark it got at 12 noon ( Pic-Courtesy of Maria)