Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't you dare steal my cabbage !!

It was supposed to be our human anatomy class.The teacher hadn't arrived yet so I borrowed Uzma's readers digest to read in the meantime.Just as I started reading, Uzma and Shirin, seated on either side of me turned to talk ,and here's there conversation

Shirin - Hey Uzma ! Your chicken is about to lay eggs isn't it ?

Uzma - Oh yes ! I'm just so excited !

Shirin - Good for you , my dog went lost, its just so sad !

I was wondering when Uzma got chickens and Shirin a dog but decided to go on reading trying to block their conversation out of my ears.

Uzma - Suits you well, you stole my cabbages last week , it was just about to harvest you know !

Shirin - Look who's talking ! You stole my carrots ! I spent hours trying to harvest them !

Uzma - Hahah well you didn't have a dog to guard your farm, did you ? What can you expect ?
Shirin - Oh, you just wait I'll steal your corn tonight and get a dog too.
Uzma - We'll see.But dont you dare steal my cabbage, they sell for higher !!!

No matter how hard I tried to block their sounds from my ear, it was difficult to do so with both of them talking on my either sides, and their weird conversation did n't help either. By now I had my mouth agape in bewilderment ! And was totally lost. Stealing veggies, harvesting farms, pets and what more they're selling it now !!!! I knew they dont own farms and no one in their family did either so what was the whole nonsense..

I just muttered - Lost

Shirin (turning to look at me ) - What ? You lost your dog too ?

Me - What ? No ! I dont have a dog you know that ! I've lost track of your conversation.Thats where I'm lost.What are you guys talking about.And by the way,Why are you guys stealing cabbages and carrots !

I said with a bamboozled look on my face. There was a pause and then they burst out laughing, it took a whole minute to get them stop laughing and start explaining.

Uzma and Shirin - We were talking about facebook's barnbuddy application you idiot ! Hhahahah.... and on they went

How was I supposed to know ???


  1. hey najwa you mixed up the veggies and fruits :O
    grapes are sold at the highest price lol....
    try playing barn buddy...its fun :D


  2. Ah ! Thanks for the correction.I'll definitely give it a try sometime soon.

  3. well its definitely exaggerated a little bit.i mean i was nvr really able 2 steal much from the king of thieves,uzma,n my dog didn't get lost,it disappeared in2 thin its damn hillarious,all da same!

  4. haha! I know...people are absolutely obsessed about online games and talk about them as though they were real!

  5. LOL! this was really funnyy! made me laugh.. all the while i thought they were trying to distract u. turned out to be a genuine conversation :P