Sunday, October 4, 2009

A forgotten post - Eid !!

God ! I totally missed to post a blog on Eid.Its amazing how forgetfull I can be to have drafted a post on something as major as Eid and then forget to post it ! Anyways here it goes.Its what I wrote on Eid day...

Its Eid! its eid ! its eid ! and I'm more than excited ,I mean why should n't I be ? After all its time again to celebrate, meet up all the possible relatives and friends you can think of, be invited at Eid dinners and ofcourse time again to collect Eidi !
The moon was sighted last night for the month of Shawal ( lunar calender) and that marked the start of Eid ! I had loads to do last night.I baked a german chocolate cake and cup cakes for the guests that would be coming in the next few days while my mom made a lot of other traditional dishes along with a coconut cake while my grand ma made Sheer Qhurma.Its a traditional vermicelli especially made for Eid.It has vermicelli cooked in milk with dry fruits and sugar. And of course after that there was a lot of cleaning and dusting to do.A lot of girls go shopping for bangles to match their dresses that night or to have henna applied on their hands but I avoid outings that night, the markets are always too crowded right before Eid.
Henna for Eid
Today after dad comes home from the congregational eid prayers our neighbours will be coming over to meet us and then we'll go to meet our relatives especially those who are elder to us, its a sign of respect to meet them at the start of Eid or as early possible.So we'll go to meet my dad's uncles and cousins.And then tomorrow, we're expecting guests till the evening after which we'll go to meet dad's friends.Thats all the plan for today and tomorrow.The third day of Eid is still unplanned but I'm sure it'll be busy too.
Its sad that my first cousins don't live here otherwise it would be all the more fun.But they do send me Eid cards and their pics of Eid day.Because thats what Eid is about, happiness, sharing and loving everyone around you !
So Happy Eid everyone !!!

My cousins, all ready and dressed up for Eid

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