Friday, July 24, 2015


I was going through all my posts today. It was interesting to go through the chronicles of my past and revisit the uncertainties and doubts I had. Its even more interesting to see how far I've come from them. How my plans turned into reality and how my dilemma shaped into a decision over time. It gave me an insight, a realization that all that I'm worried about today would be over tomorrow.

There were posts about how I love neurology, a post a few months later about how I wasn't so sure about it anymore and then another one on how I'm confused between Neurology and Internal medicine. Well, here I am today, 4 years later, an Internal medicine resident !

I'm in 2nd year of my Internal medicine residency. Residency, something that seemed so distant and hard to get into is already under my belt ( for the most part) and I'm doing well at it. If I had to go back to my past self,  I'd give myself a pat on the back. I wont tell her not to worry, I wont tell her to take it easy. I'd tell her that she is doing the right thing, I'd tell her to keep going strong and the results are always there. All those worries, those plans and sleepless nights actually helped me get here, and they made me strong enough to stay here and face the challenges that the future brought.

And now I have different kinds of problems, a different set of worries, uncertainties, tribulations and stress. But going through this blog and reading about my own past gives me the insight to understand that they will all be gone soon, and I'd be smiling at them later!