Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The alliance of the stars !

He, is a player cricket fans look upto with inspiration and envy. She, is a player who makes tennis a sensational phenomena !! He is the best of his country and she's the role model of hers. Yes, I'm talking about none other than Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza !! The news of their wedding being confirmed by their families yesterday took the media by storm.

Malik who hails from Sialkot ,Pakistan and has played 190 one day Internationals, 29 test matches and 30 T20 matches since his debut in 2001 was ranked second after Shahid Afridi in the ICC ODI rankings of 2008. Sania Mirza, native of Hyderabad Deccan, India, won the 2003 Wimbledon Championship Girls double title and is the highest ranked female tennis player in India !

And so of course their wedding proposed to be held on 15th April will be a high profile, majorly anticipated event with a lot of fan following and media stalking, The intensity of the impact of this news can be judged by my experience in college today. I stepped into class and the first thing I hear is two girls talking about the Shoaib- Sania sensation in high pitched voice, I sat on my bench and heard Arsala ask me 'Oh did you hear about Shoaib Malik getting married to Sania Mirza? " , I go to the toilet after class and hear Rubab and Maryam talk about the about-to-be-couple, I sit on the stairs after the ward and hear two guys talking about how the media seems to have forgotten the more important news to cover Shaoib and Sania...So basically sitting, standing, walking or driving, the words Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza kept reverberating in my ears and were the topic of discussion fore everyone, all around ! 

One of the main reason this news has sprawled so much interest is that Shoaib Malik comes from Pakistan while Sania Mirza comes from India. Both the countries have had many conflicts in the past and this marriage might just serve to act socio-political bridge between the two countries. Not that cross-border marriages do not occur but cross border marriages on such high profile with both the individuals being a representative for their respective countries are rare. Secondly, one of the major question marks that exists in the minds of the people is , 'when they get married, who moves ?' , will Sania Mirza leave India to live in Pakistan or will Shoaib Malik leave Pakistan to live in India ? Either way, either one of them might just have to sacrifice his/her career ! And its not just any career we're talking about , its a major international professional sports career !!! And even if they decide to live in Dubai ,as some circles are saying, will it be possible for them to manage their relationship while living in another country and playing for another on a full time basis ? These are some questions that only time can answer but for now they sure have the prayers and blessings of their entire fan population ! Me included ! (Did I mention I have Shoaib Malik's poster in my room ? :) )

Picture from www.thatsfamous.com

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The adventure of his rooster life !!

It was a hot, humid afternoon with a sweltering heat and scorching sunshine. The neighbourhood was all silent since everyone prefers to remain locked up in the cooler confines of the house.My lazy cats were fast asleep under the shade in the backyard as Murad (he's been living and working with us for as long as I can remember) was washing his clothes and I was checking that my cats had enough water in their bowl ! And then all of a sudden all the divinely peace and silence was interrupted by a loud, clucking/screeching sound that either sounded like a lady with a rusted larynx or a dozen of musical instruments falling together. Confused at what it was, all my lazy cats, Murad and I raised our heads to see a rooster falling in a projectile manner from the third storey of my neighbor's house with its wings flailing and flinging helplessly and crash land with a thud in my backyard !

Now, what we had in the backyard was a terrified rooster who had just made what was possibly the highest flight of his life and landed in a territory which it thought could have never existed ! two confused humans, and four cats who looked like they had just spotted a martian !

I was still recovering from the shock when Murad spotted one of my cats, crouching towards the rooster and was quick enough to realize the sly intentions of the feline carnivorous..Faster than the cat, Murad leapt at the rooster who petrified as it already was didn't even try to escape and landed directly in Murad's arms who jumped at the ladder we have at our wall and shoved it across the neighbour's wall ! I'm sure the rooster closed its eyes and said his last prayers when Murad leapt at him..And I know it's narrow escape and the joy of making it back alive ungrazed was the reason it gave a long hoot soon after it landed back into its own territory..

This is kinda how my cats looked at that time

PS - Now I know where the rooster had been (The rooster in my lawn). Our neighbor chose to make a cozy apartment for the rooster and his three fellas on the roof , which is why I hadn't seen them around, well atleast till yesterday ! Seems like its turning into the star of my blog !

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Annual Dinner !

We had our annual dinner in the first week of March ! The long planned, long awaited and most anticipated event of the year ! It went really well, the dinner was at Rangoli, a theme buffet restaurant, while the function and award ceremony were held at The Jade Hall ! I made a video to be presented at the dinner and was the comperer for a small segment of the show too ! Here are a few pics of the event

The traditional Sajji. Its basically meat cooked around a fire ,

I just love this picture. I was leaning against a wall in the restaurant. Uzma took this pic

That's me with my co host Sheryar !

I just loved their dance performance !Thats AJ, he was awarded the best sportsman's title. I've mentioned him in my previous posts too.

Wq's dance. Superb !
We made sure we got the front seats !

Just some of the pics of the sports week I couldn't upload in the previous sports week post due to my lousy browser speed !

My lap is filled again ! ( Dedicated to Fhm aapi)

Aah well another long gap between my posts ! It turned out that it wasn't my ISP which was responsible for the snails pace browsing speed , it was my laptop which wasn't as virus free as I thought I had made it..So when after making a gazillion calls at my ISPs call centre, badmouthing my ISP all around the city , I went upto the ISP office to get my money back and discontinue the package. I was told "please have your system checked" ( yeah right ! I was sure that was a marketing trick to make me reconsider getting the money back), but anyways I went to Uzma's house today to see how my laptop responded to her wi-fi and viola ! It DID NOT work !! I could feel my pride go down down the drain, but Uzma's ever techno- genius sister was called to my aid and the great computer guru looked at me and said * drums rolling *..... "Najwa you've got viruses in your systen amd your windows are all messed up !! " what followed was an indescriptable sinking feeling in my heart !!

But as always Uzma and her family were there for my rescue or rather my critically ill laptop's rescue. There were made certain amputations (removal of viruses), implants ( anti-virus downloads) and a CPR ( pc restarting) and eureka my dear little laptop was all healthy and alive in my lap with a perfect browsing speed :)...All cheers to Fhm aapi (aapi is urdu for elder sister, Uzma's in this case)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the long awaited climax !!!

Our interrupted sports week finally came to an end on the 21st of Feb with the award distribution ceremony and the talent show ! It wasn't something I was looking forward to very enthusiastically so I did n't mind missing the event.. What I was really waiting for was the sports finale. My college team made it to the finals in boys soccer, girls throwball and boys cricket along with other sports I was less interested in :) ..

So on 14th Feb, a Sunday, the only day we have off from a week long routine, we woke up early just to witness the event and have some fun ( regardless of the number of errands I had piled up for Sunday !) First off was the girls throwball match. It was DMC ( my college) against SMC, Uzma and I had missed the first round and by the time we reached the gym it was filled with roars, hoots, and slogans that could have raised the ceiling atleast by inches for sure, after what was a very close match the DMC team was finally able to give a hard blow to the SMCians and make it to the victory stand !

The throwball match was followed by the soccer match, it was much more interesting to watch because many of our class mates were in the team,and, the commentators sure had the skill to keep the spectators laughing their heads off while enjoying the match..And here again DMC was able to send home the SMCians while hailing victory yet again. I would say the credit for that goes to AJ , our sportsman of the year who happens to be from my class ! Three cheers for AJ !

And in the middle of the soccer match, Uzma , Huzair and I were able to make it to the extempore declamation contest in which a friend was participating ! We were there to cheer and applaud for him and be his 'supportive audience'. He didn't win but he performed well..

There was this cooking contest and a three legged race going on side by side but we chose to be our friends support at the speeches and then went back home , since it was getting pretty hot and I had torn my shirt from the sleeve area ( I think I clapped too much or something :) )..We missed the cricket match and the athletics but it still was a day well enjoyed