Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the long awaited climax !!!

Our interrupted sports week finally came to an end on the 21st of Feb with the award distribution ceremony and the talent show ! It wasn't something I was looking forward to very enthusiastically so I did n't mind missing the event.. What I was really waiting for was the sports finale. My college team made it to the finals in boys soccer, girls throwball and boys cricket along with other sports I was less interested in :) ..

So on 14th Feb, a Sunday, the only day we have off from a week long routine, we woke up early just to witness the event and have some fun ( regardless of the number of errands I had piled up for Sunday !) First off was the girls throwball match. It was DMC ( my college) against SMC, Uzma and I had missed the first round and by the time we reached the gym it was filled with roars, hoots, and slogans that could have raised the ceiling atleast by inches for sure, after what was a very close match the DMC team was finally able to give a hard blow to the SMCians and make it to the victory stand !

The throwball match was followed by the soccer match, it was much more interesting to watch because many of our class mates were in the team,and, the commentators sure had the skill to keep the spectators laughing their heads off while enjoying the match..And here again DMC was able to send home the SMCians while hailing victory yet again. I would say the credit for that goes to AJ , our sportsman of the year who happens to be from my class ! Three cheers for AJ !

And in the middle of the soccer match, Uzma , Huzair and I were able to make it to the extempore declamation contest in which a friend was participating ! We were there to cheer and applaud for him and be his 'supportive audience'. He didn't win but he performed well..

There was this cooking contest and a three legged race going on side by side but we chose to be our friends support at the speeches and then went back home , since it was getting pretty hot and I had torn my shirt from the sleeve area ( I think I clapped too much or something :) )..We missed the cricket match and the athletics but it still was a day well enjoyed

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