Saturday, March 20, 2010

My lap is filled again ! ( Dedicated to Fhm aapi)

Aah well another long gap between my posts ! It turned out that it wasn't my ISP which was responsible for the snails pace browsing speed , it was my laptop which wasn't as virus free as I thought I had made it..So when after making a gazillion calls at my ISPs call centre, badmouthing my ISP all around the city , I went upto the ISP office to get my money back and discontinue the package. I was told "please have your system checked" ( yeah right ! I was sure that was a marketing trick to make me reconsider getting the money back), but anyways I went to Uzma's house today to see how my laptop responded to her wi-fi and viola ! It DID NOT work !! I could feel my pride go down down the drain, but Uzma's ever techno- genius sister was called to my aid and the great computer guru looked at me and said * drums rolling *..... "Najwa you've got viruses in your systen amd your windows are all messed up !! " what followed was an indescriptable sinking feeling in my heart !!

But as always Uzma and her family were there for my rescue or rather my critically ill laptop's rescue. There were made certain amputations (removal of viruses), implants ( anti-virus downloads) and a CPR ( pc restarting) and eureka my dear little laptop was all healthy and alive in my lap with a perfect browsing speed :)...All cheers to Fhm aapi (aapi is urdu for elder sister, Uzma's in this case)


  1. I'm glad to hear that your laptop is now healthy again, Najwa! :D Seems it needed a visit to the PC doctor, yes? Funny how that works.

  2. Oh really ! Your comment made me realize there should be hospitals for pc's too and possibly with ambulances so people can have their pc's rushed in case of an emergency :)