Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The adventure of his rooster life !!

It was a hot, humid afternoon with a sweltering heat and scorching sunshine. The neighbourhood was all silent since everyone prefers to remain locked up in the cooler confines of the house.My lazy cats were fast asleep under the shade in the backyard as Murad (he's been living and working with us for as long as I can remember) was washing his clothes and I was checking that my cats had enough water in their bowl ! And then all of a sudden all the divinely peace and silence was interrupted by a loud, clucking/screeching sound that either sounded like a lady with a rusted larynx or a dozen of musical instruments falling together. Confused at what it was, all my lazy cats, Murad and I raised our heads to see a rooster falling in a projectile manner from the third storey of my neighbor's house with its wings flailing and flinging helplessly and crash land with a thud in my backyard !

Now, what we had in the backyard was a terrified rooster who had just made what was possibly the highest flight of his life and landed in a territory which it thought could have never existed ! two confused humans, and four cats who looked like they had just spotted a martian !

I was still recovering from the shock when Murad spotted one of my cats, crouching towards the rooster and was quick enough to realize the sly intentions of the feline carnivorous..Faster than the cat, Murad leapt at the rooster who petrified as it already was didn't even try to escape and landed directly in Murad's arms who jumped at the ladder we have at our wall and shoved it across the neighbour's wall ! I'm sure the rooster closed its eyes and said his last prayers when Murad leapt at him..And I know it's narrow escape and the joy of making it back alive ungrazed was the reason it gave a long hoot soon after it landed back into its own territory..

This is kinda how my cats looked at that time

PS - Now I know where the rooster had been (The rooster in my lawn). Our neighbor chose to make a cozy apartment for the rooster and his three fellas on the roof , which is why I hadn't seen them around, well atleast till yesterday ! Seems like its turning into the star of my blog !

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  1. haha! Amazing post! I don't think I've read anything more funny or creatively written.Great style and love your humor :)