Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Annual Dinner !

We had our annual dinner in the first week of March ! The long planned, long awaited and most anticipated event of the year ! It went really well, the dinner was at Rangoli, a theme buffet restaurant, while the function and award ceremony were held at The Jade Hall ! I made a video to be presented at the dinner and was the comperer for a small segment of the show too ! Here are a few pics of the event

The traditional Sajji. Its basically meat cooked around a fire ,

I just love this picture. I was leaning against a wall in the restaurant. Uzma took this pic

That's me with my co host Sheryar !

I just loved their dance performance !Thats AJ, he was awarded the best sportsman's title. I've mentioned him in my previous posts too.

Wq's dance. Superb !
We made sure we got the front seats !

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