Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home sweet home

A pic of the neelam lake I found on the internet
Everytime my mom's angry with me over something I just tease her by saying she better treasure me or I'm moving to the dorm.It melts her down and freezes her temper.Its been going on for quite a while now and I'm making the best out of it.I know I know its evil of me :) but hey its fun.In our society we live with our parents until atleast we get married and parents support their children financially until they get a job which is usually after they get some good decent education.Part time jobs during student life are not a norm in our society.Coming back to the point, last week I decided to go visit the girls dorm and see for myself the kind of life I could expect there.So yesterday my best friend Uzma and I found some free time between classes and ventured into the dorms area with a sense of curiosity and admiration towards a life which we had only seen in movies or heard of from our friends who live in the dorms.Well I had to drag Uzma with me (she was tired after the previous day's late night shopping !) but nevertheless she did come with me no matter how much she hated to (I can always count on her :) )

The dorm, hostel as it is called here, lies in a closed, walled compound with guards outside to make sure its female inhabitants are safe and secure.We had to get permission from the matron to enter.She was kind enough to send us a lady (no idea who she was !) to show us around.

It was a decent place with a huge veranda in the middle.There are three hostel blocks.A was dangy, B was better , C was best.You can keep TVs, Fridges, microwaves etc ,air conditioners are not allowed though.But all the while I was there all I kept saying to myself subconciously was, 'I cant live here', 'I dont wanna live here', 'I'm so not living here' etc.It gave me a strange sense of loneliness, depression, and an unfillable vacuum.But most of all I realised that I would miss my parents and the luxuries I have at home.I'd miss my home itself, my room, my dear room with its attached bathroom..So that day when I came back home I entered the door with such a huge feeling of relief and ofcourse love for my family that I dont think I'm going to look back to the dorms anytime soon ! And so obviously I'm not threatning my mom anymore :)

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