Friday, February 5, 2010

Waiting for the climax with a heavy heart !

Cheers for DMCs soccer team !

That's our college's team (medical students) in blue and the dental students in green

This entire week was our university's Sports week ! All our classes and ward duties were off and while I should've been out painting the town red I made plans to utilise this free time studying, the only sad part is I spent more time on-line than I did on-my-desk ! as they say on facebook, I need to get off facebook and put my face in a book ! Nevertheless the sports week was an enjoyable affair with emotions running raw, competitiveness reaching peaks and patriotism to our colleges ascending to levels they rarely do in regular studying schedules.

At the girls badminton match

There are six institutions under our university (Dow University of Health Sciences) - the college of pharmacy, the college of oral health sciences, two colleges of medicine , college of nursing and a college of medical technology. I haven't named them at the risk of confusing the reader. All six institutions come face to face in this sports week to blow each others ego and return to their college as victors. Victors who would boast of their victory till the return of the sports week the next year.
Mushaira (Urdu)- Its an event where poets recite their poetry and duets

Tomorrow was supposedly the day for the finals, but, tragedy struck ! There were two bomb blasts in Karachi today. One on a public bus and the other in front of the hospital where the injured were being taken ! It wrecks ones mind with disgust that there can exist humans who'd do such a thing. I dont think they even deserve to be called humans, for humans are supposed to be God's best creation, gifted with the ability to think and discern right from wrong. Surely those who shed each others blood can never be called humane if not human !

So considering the tragic event of today, our final matches due for tomorrow and the gala night due on Sunday have been postponed ! And so we await the climax of our teams' hardwork and pray for the departed souls side by side..........


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the tragic events there, Najwa. I agree that anyone doing such disgusting things as blowing up innocent victims don't deserve to be called human. It is not right, and the people pulling the strings behind the scenes need to be stopped. Try your best to stay safe, Najwa... we need many more wonderful people like you on this planet.

  2. Hey Najwa... Nice blog...

    I wrote a little something too about the false patriotism we Pakistanis exhibit. I would like it if you read it :

  3. I like the poetry competition. That's awful about the bombings. Keep us updated.
    -Holly Renee