Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The hangout with Shirin and Rubab yesterday was fun and a relief .Fun because its always good to be with friends and relief because all our past attempts to hang out ended up being cancelled for some reason or another.Shirin had lost hope to the point that she declared that all four of us were jinxed,rather cursed to repel each other !..But gladly we broke the 'curse' yesterday and it all turned out well :) .We went to a restaurant that has recently opened in Karachi, its a UK franchise which makes chicken, its called 'Chicken Cottage'.It was okay for some casual dine out as long as you're not in a hurry since they took too long to prepare the food.I tried their grilled chicken wrap which tasted good to me but okay to Shirin. The chicken in it was pretty tender and the filling tasted good too..Okay so I'm no food critic and have no intentions of turning my blog into a restaurant review page, so I'd rather let go of the food and move on !

Our BBQ party was a quite a party too, all the barbecued stuff we made were scrumptiously tasty,just rightly done, plus the salads and side dishes were all finger lickin good ! I so wanted to eat more but decided against it, I knew my stomach was full, it was just the greed that was n't satisfied I guess :)

God I've talked so much about food in this post ! I think its because I've skipped lunch and all my hunger is making me think of, is food..So before I get carried of once again dwelling on the subject of food , I better go and grab something real to eat :)

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