Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its winter and you have to get Well Soon Dido, we love you !

Its finally winter ! The city where I live, Karachi, is a coastal city with a maritime weather.Its usually warm and humid throughout the year so winter is a greatly anticipated weather, bringing relief to the sweating, sun tanned people. The weather is not as cold as the northern parts of Pakistan and the temperature rarely goes down below,I'd say 50 F. Its also very short lived , winter hardly lasts for two months. And in these two months , winter lovers like me make the most of it by drinking as much coffee, mochas and hot beverages possible, and of course its a time to bring in use the winter wardrobe which is hardly used in the rest of the year.And Oh yes ! how could have I forgotten the blankets and comforters ! these luxuries are usually tucked into the storage areas somewhere in the corners of the house throughout the summer ( One hardly needs a bed sheet to cover oneself during summer ! )
Rest is all well.Except that a friend, Dido ( fictious name) has suffered a first degree burn on her face ! Thank God its just a first degree burn and her eyes remained safe. She was holding a small can of gasoline near a BBQ and it somehow caught a flame and ignited !. Instead of letting go of the can she tried to blow the flames away and then somehow the fire got her face !. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors gave her the first aid and discharged her..She just has to go to the hospital every six hours for the dressing now..We ( friends) went to her home with all our get well presents yesterday, it was hard to see her, my dear friend, with a burnt face but the doctors say she is healing well and will be better in about two weeks ..I'm hoping and praying she gets well soon and have definitely learnt a lesson ' Be careful near BBQs'

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