Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Annual Dinner' 09

Ah well I have been trumpeting around the fact that I'm on a post semester vacation and am enjoying the well deserved relaxation, but, even then there are times I cant avoid going to college. Its just around a 30 min drive from home so it isn't much of a big deal.These days there are two tasks that require me going to college. Firstly, a research project I'm trying to work on and secondly the annual dinner arrangements, I'm kinda like amongst the oraganizers for it (well atleast on the fb event page ! ).

Now the annual dinner is something I'm pretty excited about. Its the end of year celebration which every batch has after the two semesters we have each year.Everyone naturally looks forward to it with eagerness and excitement. Last year the entire show was to be an outdoor event but it rained at the 11th hour and the show had to be moved into an auditorium which was,well, not bad I'd say but definitely not as elaborate as I might have wanted it to be. But anyways it wasn't that bad and everyone did leave with a smile on their faces .

This time all of us want it to be bigger and better ! The venue has yet to be finalized and a lot of meetings, discussions and agreements will have to be gone through to reach a decision agreeable to everyone.Then ofcourse the menu, the itinerary etc etc.And for all that I'll need to go to college every now and then.I feel good about being among the organisers but going on the same, long, well-travelled road to college even during vacations steals the charm of the holiday mood ! But anyway atleast I wont be attending classes :)

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  1. Aww annual dinners are always so sweet!

    I just had one a few weeks ago.