Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A day out at Uzma's

Uzma's home is kinda like my second home, for I dont know any other house besides my own that I've been to as frequently or as much ! But amazingly I did n't get the opportunity to spend much time with Uzma at her home these entire vacations. So after a lot of delays and postponements I finally made the awaited visit today. And boy was it fun ! We spent the morning reading our group diary from high school ! A diary which all of us friends shared to put down our recollections of the fun moments we had back then and even and funny pictures, caricatures & descriptions of each other..It was hillarious to read all the stupid stuff we did back then ! But on the other hand it also made me realize how much we have changed in these two years. The things we considred doing 'cool' back then seemed kinda absurd & childish now..I mean that is natural and a part of growing up and moving through life but I never knew that I'd change so much in a brief matter of two years ! Wow University has been a life changing experience ( and I still have 3 more years to go ! I wonder what I'd be then !!)

Well after that we went to a nearby mall, did a little bit of shopping, a whole lot of window shopping, had lunch at the food court and then did something that I had n't done in a long time - play games for tickets ! After spending Rs 200 on the coins and earning just 23 tickets ! we decided to save the tickets for later and headed back home

She spent six coins to get a stuff toy , but could n't =)

Back at Uzma 's palce I watched a Korean drama that Uzma had watched a few months back. Now Uzma is a huge fan of everything Korean, movies, dramas, mangas you name it..An interest not common in Pakistanis. She had always encouraged me to watch it but I never thought I'd like it but now that I've watched an episode, I'm addicted to it.
.Yup , addicted !

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