Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Looking back through the ocean of memories
my heart calls out
entrapped in a cocoon
I feel like flying out
swimming in an endless ocean
I'm tired of crying out

A voice consoles me "This is what life is all about"

I feel like thrashing the glass of misery
breaking the chains of bondage and slavery
I feel like growing out of the sheath of rituals
I feel like bringing a change that is perpetual
As I ponder and ponder

A voice a calls out "This is what life is all about"

It is a place of so called glory
It is a place of corruption and forgery
It is a place of endless terror
It is a place , full of faults, and error !

As I realised what life was all about,starting to panic my heart out

I heard a sound as if a soft whisper
Quivering as I turned around
Standing behind me was a man in a gown
Softly but gravely he announced
Opening his arms he pronounced

"This is no place for you to be around, for the sinless the world is never sound"

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