Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mid sesmester

A lot has happened lately . I breathed a huge sigh of relief as my midsemster exams just got over a few days back. Even though they were just mids and our scores from these exams have no practical value besides self assesment, I was tense to the extent of puking and had two sleepless nights before the exam day while my friends sat in luxury watching Gossip girls and Japanese sitcoms online !!! I think getting tense over trivial stuff is just a part of my nature but my best friend and mom argue that I'm turning into a perfectionist, worrying for everything and nothing. It is difficult for me to believe their explanation entirely but I do realise their explanation is partly correct , I'm not exactly a perfectionist but yes I do try and keep myself stick to schedules very strictly.

Other than that I have a bad bruise on my elbow which is changing colors like a rainbow and is really fascinating to look at. The weirdest part is , I dont even remember how I got it.I was playing squash the other day and I think I swung the racket in such a way that it hit my elbow. And even if its not the explanation, things like this happen to me pretty often .My joints seem to be excessively mobile and wobbly.Trust me walking in my shoes is like walking on roller skates !!!

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