Friday, February 6, 2009

In the line of friends

We at Dow Medical College are approaching the end of our third semester with flying speeds.The syllabus seems to be growing every second and our teachers seem to be in an illusion that there are 336 hours in a day instead of 24 (Thats the only conclusion I can reach after looking at the homework piling up). But besides all the work and studies its the time of the year when we get to decide and choose a clinical group for ourselves. A group of around 10 - 14 people who'll go for ward duties (in the hospital) togethor. Seems like an easy task ? Yup, it did to me too.But Only when my friends and I sat togethor to decide who the 14 people would be did the problems become visible.

We are a group of ten friends who agreed to say togethor but then each one of us or rather most of us had some other friends which the others friends werent friends with or even had problems with.Some wanted'A' to be in the group others wanted 'B'. When everything would seem to be decided there would arise another problem because 'D' would have a problem with 'E' being in the group and bingo ..confusion again.So it was all a chaos.Believe it or not, we had arguments, misunderstandings, tears, and even heated up conversations at 1 am !!!.

All I wanted was there to be a minimum number of people in the group i.e 10 so that while in the wards, teachers could give us better attention and co ordinating could be made easier but that meant splitting the group beacuse as a rule every group should have 25% boys. While all ten of us are girls......Problem again.But finally we decided to keep a max of 14 people in the group, compromise with our studies in the ward but still be togethor !!!! I hope it wont have any serious implications on our studies but the good thing is that I've got my pack of friends with me !!!!!

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