Monday, February 23, 2009

Not again ....

I hate dentists. I hate the helpless way I have to sit in their wired chairs laden with all sorts of technology while they push and pull their metallic tools into and out of my mouth.I hate not knowing when to expect pain and one of my biggest fears while sitting in that chair is "What if the dentist drops his tool into my eye ?" ( I know I should have grown out of this fear years ago !!). But the dissappoinment that comes with all this resentment towards dentist is that I have had an abnormally great number of visits to the dentist in my life.

As a child my milk teeth never fell out on their own and had to be extracted by the dentist to make space for the permanent teeth !.Then when I turned 12 , my parents and I decided that I needed braces which I had on for two years,requiring trips to the dentist every month.Ups and downs followed the time till yesterday when I made an appointment with the dentist because my parents thought that my teeth were inclining backwards. So there I went to the dentist ( not my usual one), impressed by how young he looked, sat in his chair trying to relax myself by saying

" Hey its just a check up , what could probably go bad " when he said to me...

"You might need braces again !" and if that wasn't enough, he went on to say

"Well your wisdom teeth have n't erupted yet, and the bad part is there is no space for them to erupt so you'll need an X-ray to determine its position ...and then we might have to surgically remove it !!!"

The surgery part made my goosebumps rise to the size of ping pong balls !!!(or so it seemed) so I'm praying to God that my X-ray does not show any wisdom teeth at all,there exist people whose DNA doesn't code for it !.I hope I'm a part of that exceptional minority. And besides that I still am deciding wether or not to put on braces again. On one side is the incentive of having a better facial profile once its removed but theres obviously the burden of having it on for 18 months....not to mention the frequent trips to dentists for 18 more months ...AGAIN . Should n't I just love dentists now ?? .....:)

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