Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reflection or Deception ?

Voices calling from deep inside
Is it my soul or is it my mind ?

The sounds of screams and struggle within
Is it myself or a troubled kin ?

The shadows of confusion and desperation
Is it metamorphosis or just a renovation ?

The symbol of evil and an avatar of sin
Is it my consience or the devil within ?

The model of love and the star of compassion
actully my heart or a clever deception ?

Embraced I am in the arms of victory
Is it true, or just a piece of my history ?

A childly smile and a cherubic face
A facade of happiness or an insult to grace ?

Ambitions and dreams leading my way
will I follow or will I wander away ?

Am I truly what I appear to be ?
The answer to that is still a mystery........

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