Sunday, December 5, 2010

3 down 3 more to go !

I just got back from my last theory final ! It was supposed to be on Saturday but then all of a sudden, at around 9 pm on Friday night all universities of the province Sindh were declared off on account of Sindh Cultural day !! The government had this day planned for a long time but no one knew universities would be off.  But then again this is Pakistan and weirdities like this aren't very rare. But anyway , all my university mates went about dancing on the bed and air guitar-ing just as soon as the announcement was made, I mean hey who wouldn't like an extra day of revision ?! Well except the nerds who were in top form to give the exam already !

I still have my OSPEs ( Objective Structured Practical Examination) which start on the 9th. I have Pathology on 9th, Pharmacology on 11th and Forensic Medicine on 13th. I hope it goes just as good as the theory or better :)


  1. Haha! Know the feeling of exam being canceled! Sindh culture day holiday canceled mine too. Utter frustration. Right at the eleventh hour, that too... :)