Friday, November 19, 2010


So its Eid ul Azha, this eid is different from the previous Eid ( Eid ul Fitr) because it follows Hajj, the annual congregation of muslims at Makkah while the previous Eid follows Ramadan, the month of fasting, I wont be doing a long detailed post since I have to rush for my study session. But hey I didnt forget that my followers, especially Jana would love to see the dress :) So well the dress I wore is once again all designed by me, I bought the fabric, and then found the perfect lace and ribbons to go with it, I had the lace stitched under the neck line and on my sleeves while the ribbons (black and white) on the lower edge of the dress. The shirt has been tailored A-line, as in it looks like a frock and has no slits on the side like the usual shalwaar kameez shirts. I bought the scarf from a scarf shop near my home and the trouser from another shop altogether so this dress has pretty much been together piece by piece :)  I absolutely love the bangle, it matches the dress, has a pretty ethnic look and its not even expensive !! I got it for Rs 150 ! Thats a little less than $ 2 .00..

I hope all of you had a brilliant Eid :) and since I didnt say this before I'm gonna say it now ' Eid Mubarak' everyone !


  1. That Looks beautiful Mashallah hope u had a great Eid

  2. Eid Mubarak! I love the 1st pic. Red looks good on you :).

  3. mashallah mashallah future doctor and friend!!! as always you are GORGEOUS!!! you look wonderful in red!!!! thank you for ALWAYS thinking of me and letting me see your colorful clothing!!