Thursday, November 11, 2010

Die Pharma die - ( The most common fb status update among my college fellows these days)

So I finally got some time to post in between ! weee ! Sitting on my laptop for the little while I spend eating my breakfast seems such a blessing after all the time I spend crammed up in my room with books all over. Books, books and books thats all life is right now. PHARMACOLOGY is a major pain right now. Memorizing the names of around 200 drugs, ( those used for their actions in the CNS, endocrine system, gastrointestinal system, anticancer drugs,NSAIDs and antiviral, anti fungal and anti heliminthic drugs !!!) along with their Side effects, mechanism of action, contra indications etc is just too much :(

Pathology is comparitively better.I keep mixing the life cycles of parasites in the microbiology section, but it still isnt that bad.( Dont forget P.Falciparum causes black water fever and L.Donovani causes black sickness)..

Forensic medicine is brutal and gruesome as ever, one of the things we're supposed to study about this semester is the postmortem examination of torture injuries ! I swear I havent felt as sick in any class before as I did in that class. The lecturer kept telling us of the various methods that are often used to torture people in prisons etc and all I kept doing the entire time was close my ears, think of other stuff, look to the ceiling or make faces. It was one majorly painful class, no wonder the attendance was low, I mean who'd sit in a class like that !

Bored ?? Yeah you better be, cuz I'm bored too , but here's something to lighten you up , a plate of delicious, sweet Gulab Jamun's !!!

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  1. Pharm is awful- we have a bit of it in every module, not all at once... but when I have to take USMLE I know it's going to kill me. good luck!

  2. Hang in there it will be worth it in the end - though I know that's not much comfort now. So now you have to tell how to make those delicious looking balls. I hope you are still receiving my feeds. I changed urls's I'm now at Take a study break and head over for a peek at Merrilyn's latest joey - he's gorgeous!

  3. @ C - Yeah doing it bit by bit seems the right way to be going about it, completing the entire pharm curriculum in just 8 months didnt seem the right option to me. Thank God the college administration realised it and remodeled the curriculum for the juniors :)

    @ Taqueer - Me too !!

    @ Cheryl - Oh I really have to start posting recipes for all the items I've posted on my blog :) And its good that you posted your link because I havent been getting any feeds ! I'll join u at ur new link :)

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