Thursday, December 23, 2010

About over doing things and undergoing pain

The Molt Java Cake
I regretted eating the Java molt cake, the stuffed chicken, cleaning my room so vigorously that my muscles hurt, all these regrets and more filled my thoughts as I lay on my bed, moaning with all kinds of pain at 4 45 am today. Here's how it all happened. On thursday and Friday I was on my hyperactive mode, that doesn't happen very frequently but when it does, its like a tornado hitting my house. I tried to do all the cleaning I possibly could, I rubbed clean the cupboards (the exterior), moved plant pots from the lawn downstairs to the terrace in front of my parents room ( Its such a pretty terrace and I thought it was the perfect time of the year to get a few plants up there, Karachi's mild winters are good for plants, in case you were wondering what kind of a jerk tries plantation during snowfall), brought down my entire wardrobe and rearranged it ( I hate doing that btw), rearranged many other drawers, baked apple tarts, and went up giving Haleem ( its a special Pakistani dish with all the cereals cooked with meat and presented with a lot of garnishings) to 13 of my neigbours !, and a lot of other stuff, I slept like a horse after that !.

On Saturday, I went to college with Maryam for some admin work, on our way back we stopped over at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee shake, next stop was 'Pie in the sky' , it was my parents wedding anniversary and I needed to get a cake, we had a family photo session that day and a dinner later. On Sunday, we had a brunch at Waseem uncle's place. Waseem Uncle is my dad's friend back from college, he's pretty much family, and moreover his daughter Alina is exactly my age, and we go to the same university so I always look forward to meeting with them, anyways Aunty is a fabulous cook and I kinda, slightly, overate well OK I overate ! and then in the evening we had to go to visit another uncle cuz we hadn't met up with them at Eid and he was complaining about it..

Monday was spent entirely at Uzma's (my bestie) home, we watched drama's, worked on Faryal's scrapbook ( its her birthday present ssshhh !) ate pizza, went to the mall, bought a Saeed Ghani's herbal facial powder and then did them at night ( i could feel my skin breathe later !) and had a typical yummy Pakistani dinner later. And well Tuesday was busy in pretty much the same way...

the facial powder
Last night I slept early because of a bad headache, but I woke up again at  4 45 am, I didn't feel so good, I went to the bathroom when suddenly everything started going blur and my ears started ringing, it was exactly like the pre-fainting feeling I once had before fainting in college 3 years back. Amidst that horrible feeling I realised that I needed to get out of the bathroom asap, because if I fainted it there it would be difficult to get help !! I grabbed the door knob and stumbled all the way to my parents room, bumping into stuff all the way. My parents woke up from all the noise and hurriedly ( and of course worriedly) helped me onto their was such a pathetic feeling..the dizziness soon subsided but I was left moaning with a severe abdominal pain. It took me two hours, pills, water, heating pads and my mom's consolation to get back to sleep again...I woke up normal at 11am today and have been on a rice and lentil diet since morning. I think all that exhaustion after a heavily sedentary lifestyle, sitting on a chair studying all day long, for about a month and a half took my body by surprise :D and the fact that I was very careless about my diet for the past four days and loaded my tummy with all sorts of stuff just aggravated it all. ( I 'm sorry dear GIT )

PS - Mom and Dad think I need to get more proteins and exercise in my diet and have sworn to improve my eating habits..And it doesn't help that I hate eggs and beef !!


  1. I hope you recover quickly, Najwa... and get that body back into tip-top shape! :D Just kidding... about being out of tip-top shape. Please eat right and I hope your aches and pains subside quickly. Take care! Great blog! :D

  2. Thanks Carl :) And I really am working to get back into tip-top shape :D

  3. And who would hate eggs?! you are so terrible.

  4. you need to stay hungry till mid night today and u will be all right.u know hunger is a best remedy for many diseases.

  5. @ Tauqeer - you like eggs !!? You are terrible-er, well at least you are a part of a majority :D

    @ Suicidal Bitch - Thanks :)

    @ Yaseen ch - I kept myself hungry for quite a while yesterday and it really helped ! I really like this remedy :)

  6. I hope u get well soon. Being a vegetarian I dont eat eggs or meat :P

  7. hey..lots ov stuff goin on in your life :D hope u are doin good now :)

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