Friday, June 3, 2011

So so so ...

I rock climbed !!No not on a rocky mountain but a less adventurous artificial thing they have to make people like me get a feel of it :D I didnt reach upto the top but I did something I had always wanted to do, drop back to the ground hanging by suspensions, lame I know, but thats the part I like best about rock climbing :D I would have made it to the top had I not started with a drained off energy level. But anyways, I did make it more than half way through :)

2nd July is the big day !! The day the exams start ( Yeah exam days are the only days I call big in my life, thats what medical college has turned me into ) So anyway its less then a month, and for some reason I'm still not in the study gear. Its probably because I've gotten bored of the entire exam phenomena ! I mean seriously just how many frickin exams am I supposed to take in this life time ? So I've figured, for this semester I'll just play like a pro soccer player playing in his own backyard and save my energy and all those super duper skills for the boards and all :)


  1. Glad you had fun. Good luck with the exams :-)

  2. Fun! I wanna do this =D

    All the best for your exams. Yes, they suck =| =P

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