Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 things I want to witness in this world before I die !

1 - The emergence of some geographical miracle or a strange phenomena like a discovery of an unknown continent, a sudden transition of a mountain into a volcano, the sudden emergence of an island with bizarre species of animals on it etc. Now that would be interesting to witness, wouldn't it !?

2- A successful contact with creatures from outer space or finding a positive proof that they exist..

 Err there goes my brain again with its science loving fantasies ! Here are some more serious things I'd like to see

3 - It sounds impossible considering the long unresolved history of these issues but I would really like to witness the solution to the Palestinian and Kashmir crisis in a manner that is acceptable to the people living there.

4- People are more inclined to have scientists find a cure for cancer, even though I do have feelings for this killer diagnosis and understand that the incidence of cancer is far higher than Parkinson's disease I would still like to witness science standing victorious against Parkinson's disease before I die, a treatment that doesnt slow the progression of the disease but halts it ! This disease has always intrigued me for two reasons, scientific and emotional ( my paternal grandfather was a patient of parkinsons disease )

5 - A literacy rate of atleast 70% in Pakistan, its pretty low right now !

The list might just go on but I'll hold myself here and do one more post on it later :)

Picture courtesy - Wikipedia


  1. I'd also like to have a contact with E.T and my first question to them would be "dude! where the hell have you been?" :)......what would you ask?

  2. ooh yeah meeting ET would be cool ! I think I'd ask how many more creatures like him exist, whether his planet is different from ours and ofcourse if he'd give me a free tour :D

  3. My favorite one is #5. Education is so important and Pakistan has so much potential, but lack of education is holding us back. Don't you think so?


  4. A literacy rate of atleast 70% in Pakistan, its pretty low right now !
    pretty low?.. its way below low...i will say no where.

    Even we have literacy of suppose 70%(thats impossible) then also our people backward mentality will never change

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