Friday, January 21, 2011

Get a good laugh !

These are all real incidents from my friend's life and my own !

In the midst of a confusion at the out patient clinic:
Patient: Doctor Zestril gives me headaches and makes me sleepy, cant you reduce its dose ?
Friend AP : Zestril doesn't really make one sleepy, but wait let me confirm.
Friend AP to the doctor incharge - " Excuse me Sir, is the drug Zestril seductive ?"
Doctor incharge : " Err what ?"
Friend AP - "Is Zestril SED-aa-eer-amm *Oh shit* sedative ?"


At the GYNAE ward during an evening duty, all of us were hungry, bored and tired.

Me - Its such a boring day, no labor, no deliveries, no emergencies all we did was take histories, I'm tired , hungry and bored.
Friend MS - "Yeah it was indeed boring"
Me - Hey lets get a delivery
Friend MS with her eyebrows raised in bewilderment - " You want to induce a delivery ?!!"
Me - I meant lets get a PIZZA delivery !

I had to call a hair saloon to ask for their charges,Here's what I had to ask

" I have medium length hair, how much would you charge for a layer cut ?"

Here's what I asked -

"I have hair, how much do you charge "


Me at a fabric store asking a shopkeeper - "Do you guys allow people to drink at this store?"
Shopkeeper - "Excuse me ?"
Me - I meant water, as in its okay if I drink water here right ? no 'food and drinks not allowed' policy right ?
Shopkeeper - No *smiling*

Geez it wasnt like I was planning on having a beer party or anything !


This is what I thought I'd text my friend -
" I shall be making a public appearance in college today"

This is what I texted in a hurry -
" I shall be making a pubic appearance in college today"

there are many to come, I'll post them after a while :D


  1. Lol!

    I call it...Paroxysmal Nocturnal Loss of Presence of Mind

  2. haha, my jaw is hurting LOL
    I am glad you have hair, and thank GOD for you not making a pubic appearance =p
    This one time I called Mcdonalds and I said "Aap loug delivery kerwatay hain.."
    My mum n sis burst into a mad laughter .. and SO DID THE MCDONALDS GUY...
    you know why right =P
    Haha anyways.. there's a blog award on my blog for u =D
    Go, go, go get it <3

  3. oh my i remember your pubic appearance slip! i so totally lmao that day! i dont know what i would do without you jua!